Writers Against Writer's Block


Come one and come all- who wish to fight out against the illness ravaging the artists of today.
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I speak of the illness known as Writer's Block, that dreadful obstacle that every good writer and artist eventually faces. Sometimes it comes in the dead of night, other times in the spark of morning. Here at WAWB (pronounced waab) we, as a group... as a family... seek to find cures to this mysterious sickness of the mind. So- join and produce miracles.

Use the forums for a place to share cures, ideas, and find the spark of creativity in your mind and bring it to a roaring flame. Post the works that you are having problems with, the writing you have scrounged from your limited creativity, or even old works you just want reviewed. Find friends who are stuck in a similar dark, dark, dark abyss.

Together- we can overcome.

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