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finally something new as of 1-17-08 any way. Showing versus Telling

12 Years Ago

I am constantly trying to improve the way I write and the techniques I use to write.  I love learning news things to help me write.  So I wonder does any one else have trouble writing out a scene?  I tend to tell the action then show you whats going on in the scene, which is something I am trying to stop.  I love writers that have that knack of making me see the action in my own mind.  So the logical thing is start by reading passage from these authors and try to copy their method.  But I would honestly like to hear what the people of my group have to say on the subject.  After this is a group set up to help.

So what do you have to say?  any suggestions, tips, or other miscellanous bits of info?



Captain Savage