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"what do you write?"

12 Years Ago

Some one just asked me if I write, I said yeah.  Then they had to go and ask what I write, my answer to that was not as smooth.  There was a lot of of umm and ahhs,  and I finally said I write piretry.  That is about the only thing I did consistenly, I haven't written a pirety piece in a while.  As for my writing I dabble in everything, I like to learn new forms of writing.  I like to challenge myself with new forms of poetry, to ever expand my knowledge of the craft and introduce new forms of writing.  Since I don't write one thing consistenly I think thats why I stumble so badly over my answer.  It is hard to define "what I write", I have not decided to stick to one form of writing just yet.  I am still learning how to write and probably will always learn something new. 

So what do you write?

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12 Years Ago

Hmmmm, that's a good question.  I tend to write paranormal-suspense stories as well as fantasy adventures; I also like to dabble with some romance-adventure stories as well.  From time to time I will try a poem or two for something different.  I guess I am still sampling with various genres until I feel I have found my niche; so far, I haven't...yet.  I am thinking of trying a story geared towards young adults, and maybe even a screenplay.  It's so much fun being a writer, sky's the limit on what you can do and try.

Re: "what do you write?"

9 Years Ago

That is a good question!! I write just about anything. I adore poetry because the creation process is relatively fast and I can 'finish' a piece in one sitting. (but is any poem really finished???) I have many short stories in all levels of completion, I'm working on a book based upon my spiritual discoveries (for 7 years now...) and I have three novel concepts. Since I'm such a horrible procrastinator, the larger works suffer. Add on top of that my many hours worked and my family time, I just have difficulties in allocating time to writing. Does anyone know a good time budget program??? (hee, hee!)