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How is everyone faring the writing holocaust that happened on here recently?

12 Years Ago

I hope every one had a back up of their work saved somewhere.  I wish I had a back up somewhere, but a lot of my poetry and piretry was done in notepad either on a computer at work at on my sisters computer.  WHich soon after the holocaust here my sister's computer was fried quite literaly by one of her friends, who instead of turning off the surge protector to get the computer to unfreeze went outside and tripped the breaker and fried the crap out of the computer.  So the only actually place I had all of my writing was on this site, some of my writing is spread around in notebooks, but not all of it.  Though I did learn a valueable lesson, always have a hard copy somewhere. 

All right I have to go clock in for work now, good luck restoring everything



Captain Savage