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Slow Startup?

9 Years Ago

So far, I've heard little to no replies from the members of what was once the WHWriters. Perhaps, it's a slow startup or not everyone has time for it. Or maybe it'd be preferable to do this on facebook. However, I like it here on writerscafe. Not sure how this will turn out, but I'm keeping my account and I'll keep the group page if anyone wants to later join. We shall see...

Re: Slow Startup?

9 Years Ago

Good news, 1 person has come on board and right now it looks like a potential 2nd person might hop on. Now that I think about it, how would we have an online discussion of writings? I suppose the forums could do, but I was thinking of a chat room for us to meet up. However, it won't be a problem since it's not easy to get everyone together at once. I'll do the best I can.