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Thanks for joining!

10 Years Ago

Wow, when I made this group I never imagined that there would be so many of you! I'm quite flattered and partly speechless. As you all know, I completely love writing--it's the only way I can fully express myself. There are only some people that understand that, and that's all of you my dear friends. If I have supporters of my writing, then that boosts my spirit a whole lot to continue writing and keep chasing my dreams as a Journalist or book author. I'd be glad to review all of your work real soon! Whether you're a friend of mine or not-- the reviewing applies to all. Please read my book "Love.Faith.Friendship" too:)  Thanks a million more times <3

Re: Thanks for joining!

10 Years Ago

That is so humble of you to be thankful. Honestly saying, you're one awesome person who has defined her persona as writing. Go on Ash, I want to see what more you have in store for me (infact all of us) :D Love ya, sis! <3