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Ever have an idea hit you and you just can't find the words?

As they say "two heads are better than one." Here we offer a place to sit a wait until you find your writing partner. Because it is easier when you have help! Not just editing, but a co-author to help weave in twists and plots into your story. Also here you can post your created stories that you created with your partner!

Don't have a partner? That's ok! Lets find someone who has similar interests and you two can chat it out!

JOIN and post a profile of yourself on the forum! Feel free to write what you like! PLEASE this is not a dating site! This is for AUTHORS and AUTHORS-TO-BE! Only serious writers please!

Thank you! And happy writing!

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Looking for another mind?


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CONTEST you must enter!

Ash Morgrimm

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Something to start with...

Rodney Carlstrom

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Welcome All! Please Read!

Ash Morgrimm

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