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Writing Partners : Forum : Looking for another mind?

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Looking for another mind?

12 Years Ago

Well the basic line is I love helping people with their stories and am more than willing to be of aid in anyway i can.
I know some of you like helping others out so why don't you take a space to write about yourself, or if your looking for someone to help You out write about yourself!

My name is Rëa, short for Gabriela and long for Rei. I lean slightly on the side of perfectionism because writing can't be its best until you give it Your best and many times i have cried when i can't get the flow and imagery to come out like it is in my head. But that was all long ago and I've learned much through writing.
Being a part of someone elses stories is a great inspiration to me. As a writing partner I deeply respect your original story and wont go creating it to my will till its hardly yours anymore. But if i think your sentences need work I'll hull my own into till they come out fluidly and perfect but still fresh with your ideas. Hooks and 'resons to read on' a purpose in the story is important to me and I may try and give your story a catch to grip the readers in if you let me. =}
Don't be shy, send me and Email and lets get working