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Who I am

11 Years Ago

I am going to Consider myself a Book Author by Sarah Cooley only because this what i want to do with my life and studying Journalism in college. And the goal i want to reach is to become a book Author as a career for myself. I want to start out working as a Journalist / Reporter to earn that career for myself and i do want to pay it on my own by working for it on my own and right now o am still working on my writing better and taking courses for myself and keeping blogs on what i love to do. Hoping to reach my goal some where down in the future and doing things on my own for my writing. Right now i am beginning to write a book about myself and who i am and how can i fit in the world on my own and figuring out what i want to do with my life on my own. I have some cousins who are book authors and a poet as well i sometimes talk to them how they feel about what is it like being book authors and a poet because that is what i want to do to carry on the family as a Book Author and a poet by following in their foot steps.