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Artisan Works - Rochester, NY - Monthly Field Trips for Writers and Creatives

15 Years Ago

In the months of Feb., Mar., Apr. 2008, we will be taking monthly field trips to a very inspirational place for writers... Artisan Works, which is located in downtown Rochester, NY.

They have a web site: 
where you can learn more about them as gallery, as well as what their purpose is in the community and beyond. They are much more than a gallery... and not only because they are "MUCH MORE", meaning they have a ridiculously huge space that is full of every type of art imaginable, but also because of their views and outreach to the community.

Read on their web site about membership, which is a great deal if you plan to make these trips with us, even every so often!

They are open Fri-Sun right now, so most trips will be on Sundays. I would like very much to discuss in this forum space what days are best for all members of the group "WW". It is up to you all when we choose to go, in the months of Mar and Apr. Feb date will be decided at our meeting today (2/16/08) by the writers group members who attend.

Join us... and have your mind filled with wonder, filled to the brim with new ideas for art and writing... Every time I go to Artisan Works, I leave feeling over-stimulated, probably because of the hideously boring world we all live and work in. Smiles! See you there!  -T. F. Rice