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What You Missed Last Meeting

14 Years Ago

Hullo! I am finally getting off my lazy butt and posting this up!

What you missed at the last meeting:

Old Business
The website! (Obviously, this doesn't apply to those of you reading this, but for when I print it out, you know.) You need to join our online group! These are the instructions:

1) Go to
2) Sign up and make an account. You can choose whatever you like for your display and username, just make sure that your name is somewhere.
3) Search for "YHS Writing Club" and join! Don't freak out when you don't automatically show up on the group member page. Veronica will approve you and then you're in. :)

New Business
We discussed officers.
President(s)- Veronica Serrano and Elizabeth Rucker
Secretary- Lacy Roberts
Anthology Editor- Karly Alberts

We discussed the anthology.

Our next meeting is November 19th on Monday. This time, bring some thing to share with everyone! Get the word out, and hope to see you there!

your (friendly) secretary :)

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14 Years Ago

i hate this, but i missed the third meeting too.  i just wasn't feeling well.  someday i will make a meeting!!!  so, what'd i miss this time?