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Not going anywhere

10 Years Ago

I want everyone to know I have no plans for going away.  Because of my schedule, and of my medical issues, there will be short periods of time when I will not be able to log in here and check on what's happening.  I will when ever possible, spend more time on days when I have extra energy and time.  I appreciate the read requests and am reading some interesting content. 

This month I plan on:
adding another lesson to the course
writing and/or adding more of my work
reading peoples writing, reviewing, and promoting the group
adding to my blog here as well as other places
gathering news you can use

For the next lesson I will read the content of the first lesson and then go on with more content.  When it is appropriate, I plan adding a lesson on organization, tools for writing, and related material.

Who do you know that would be interested in this information?  Share the knowledge and let them know how and where you are getting news you can use, thank you.