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I'm Still Here And Have Missed Everyone

9 Years Ago

Thank you very, very much for waiting for my return.  I have had many major events recently.  The beginning was the lightning strike which isn't completely resolved yet.  Then there was the earth quake, followed by the hurricane.  After that a tree fell across the road which was the only entrance and exit route available to me. 

And then very suddenly, Bella and i lost our very close best friend Shady, who was the foster dog I was taking care of for the rescue.  He was diagnosed on 9/6 with lymphoma.  That day was very, very hard on both Bella and me, and Shady's last day with us.

Finally, I am able to return and do what i said I would do.  It take some time for me to get caught up with everything, so any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you.

Viv and Bella (service dog)