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Secret Project Oct 6 - ?

15 Years Ago

If you have come to the last two meetings then you may already know what I am talking about. Our theme for this month is Secrets, but more specifically PostSecret a site where people send postcards in anonymously and the publisher puts them online--and then later puts them into books.

The last two weeks we have used them to inspire us to write from but this time we wanted to do something a little different--we want your secrets. It can be a postcard size or a regular sheet of paper, it can be funny, sad, touching, real or fake--but whatever you make is what we will give to someone at the meeting. We won't say who they are from--we don't even want to know.

When you use these secrets to inspire you to write you could be anyone-- the person who wrote the secret, the person who was told the secret, who found the secret; or even the person who the secret is about.

It all depends on when Mrs. Bowles gets these secrets that we will have the meeting when we use them--she will also be making several herself. However you can turn them in whenever you want, there is a decent chance that we will be using them after Fall Break.