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Voodoo vs Viral zombification.

10 Years Ago

Hi new friends! :) Just thought I'd start a discusssion about Vodoo vs viral zombification, as I find the former isn't written about nearly as often. Perhaps because there is less reason for contagion? Not too sure, but I'd definatley like to explore the idea a bit more.   Any thoughts?

Re: Voodoo vs Viral zombification.

9 Years Ago

I am keenly aware of the differences between voodoo and viral zombification. Mainly the difference in is cause. Voodoo zombies are caused by a potent mix of chemical poison, toxins that interrupt the nervous system and compromise brain activity. This can be produced very quickly through voodoo toxins with varying affects. Some such toxins have been experimentally developed by military research scientists for obvious reasons--to make better soldiers, or to deal with enemy soldiers. In any case, there is a large body of info about chemical zombification. In extreme cases it kills the person right away and in others it paralyzes them, leaving them catatonic. The affect is very similar to what you see in hardened drug abusers like heroine or crystal meth. Compromised reasoning, morality, decision-making faculties, and zero concern for hygene and other routine human functions plus highly suggestable and easy to manipulate and control, and you get a pretty scary person. The voodoo woman will make you think she controls the zombie, but in truth such zombies are easy to control by anyone. They will jump from a bridge or run into traffic or do other crimes with mild suggestions. The difference is they can usually be stopped/killed by normal means such as a gun shot through the heart or severing a major artery. If they bleed out, they will die. They also cannot infect others even though they may in some cases bite people and claw at people. There is no pandemic potential from voodoo zombies.