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Need Good Zombie Stories To Read

15 Years Ago

Hello all,

I'm an avid zombie story reader (as well as a minor writer). The cool thing is most of the good stories i've come across have been online free fiction. I just wrapped up "Plague Zone" by David Wellington and i'm trying to find a replacement. Does anyone have a handle on good zombie stories I can take a gander at?

Here's what I've read so far. Check 'em out if you haven't:

"Monster Island"/"Monster Nation"/"Monster Planet" by David Wellington

"Plague Zone" by David Wellington

"Autumn" by David Moody

"As The World Dies" by Gothgoddessrhia

Anyone got any other spots online (outside AND inside WritersCafe) with good zombie stories?

Please let me know.

Todd of The Dead

Re: Need Good Zombie Stories To Read

10 Years Ago

here's a link to mine.
Zompoc Diaries

and the Blog to go with it (as posted by the characters)

Rogue russian