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Is horror like this dying down or what?

9 Years Ago

 -Jackie chan face-
Is it me, because seriously I feel like one of those people who just love horror (although I scare myself a lot from watching those scary videos and refuse to go anywhere alone) just died down. Zombies don't seem as popular as they once were and even in the anime world, the only famous anime that's filled with zombies is Highschool of the Dead, which also failed to create a new second season.
I loved and finished the series but unfortunately I don't think they're making another season. What's sad is we only have like eight members in this group. Not that it's bad, it's good we at least have some members. But I'm finding myself thinking, what happened to all the horror and good stuff that people love scaring themselves with?
   What do you think?? -.-
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Re: Is horror like this dying down or what?

8 Years Ago

Zombies are the best personification of horror, at least in my opinion. When you are sitting in english class, you hear the teachers talk about the great 'classics' of our time. You never hear about the horror books, the terror stories, nothing. I don't think that it is dying down, just that there is not much light shown on it. The people that read, write, and watch horror films, i think, are the people that go looking for those horror stories that are just sitting there waiting. I think that we just have to get more people looking. Write good horror stories, bring the zombies back and ignore the 'norms' of society (because they look down on all the "improper" gore of zombies). 
Alright, that's what I think.
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Re: Is horror like this dying down or what?

5 Years Ago

I completely understand. The two current zombie television shows, The Walking Dead and Z Nation, have definitely brought back to life these decayed creatures, but the horror factor has been replaced with drama and humor. It seems that these modern depictions of the dead have glorified their existence, stripping them of the blood and guts that once made them what they were. Even other creatures once feared like vampires and werewolves have been removed of their horror in books like Twilight. So frustrating.