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happy heart's day =]

8 Years Ago

i just wanna share this song that keeps on playing in my head
so what song really makes your heart beats faster?

If Eyes Could Speak
Devon Werkheiser

Standing close to me close enough to reach perfect time to tell her But I can't even put the words together Bevelizing eyes getting in my disguise Can't you see me hiding? What am I afraid of a finding? *Or you could play powerchords: F#m--C#m--D--E* [PreChorus 1] Bm D I know what I'm thinking Bm D But the words won't come out *At D, he lifts his pinky up and makes a pull off from the seventh fret to the sixth fret. He uses his middle finger on the sixth fret G-string.* ~[Chorus]~ A Bm D If eyes could speak A Bm D One look would say everything A About the way you smile, Bm The way you laugh, The way you dress, D A The way your beauty leaves me breathless Bm If eyes could speak D I wouldn't have to talk [Verse 2] Here we go again trying to pretend my hands are steady The way she looks tonight isn't helping Vision's getting blur gotta calm my nerves, it's now or never There's only one way to the answer [PreChorus 2] Bm D I know what to tell her Bm D But the words won't come out ~[Chorus]~ [Bridge] F#m E Maybe I can finally get it right D Finally get the nerve to speak my mind F#m And tell you the things I can't say E And baby I would look into your eyes D And maybe you will finally realize Words are just words anyway A C#m D Oh, oh ~ ~[Chorus]~
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Re: happy heart's day =]

8 Years Ago

a good <3's day song, and thanks for this one, too :)