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Strange Energy!

12 Years Ago

OK, thought I would post this here! lol Seeings as its a paranormal type group :)

The event I wish to share happened around two years ago now but I still feel its prescence..
My partner used to live in a flat before he bought his house and we knew there was strange energy there but the energy grew worse and more negative feeling after his landlord moved in beneath him. The landlord was not the most pleasant of people, so the atmosphere was a little stressful and grew worse towards the end of his time there.

Now, I am not sure what it was I was watching at the time  (a ghost documentary, I believe) but I found myself completely lost in time, I know that sounds odd but all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dark mass standing at the doorway and before I even had time to think or blink, it ran towards me - ran, more like flew!

I have good intuition most the time and instantly felt this was a threatful attempt to try and attatch itslef to or enter my aura, so I automatically placed a protective circle around myself and forbid it to enter my auric field. I repeated "you will not enter" several times until I felt its energy diminishing.

I know this sounds ludicrous but I was petrified for a couple of weeks afterwards. I have heard of energy doing this to people as they sleep but wow! Needless to say, my partner came home after to work to find me in a shocked and frightened state!

Could it have a build of energy from the situation? As I believe that can happen (thats what I feel poltergeist activity is - a build of energy) Or could it have been an actual spirit? Whatever it was, has remained within my mind and truly shook me for a while. This was like no other paranormal experience I have encountered! To this day, I feel it still!

Well, I shall leave you to decide as I am out of answers lol I shall continue to eat my soup now to warm the chills I have from reminding myself of the situation lol

Love and Light to you all!


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