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8 Years Ago

 what  dese a  friend  true mean to you??
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Re: friends

8 Years Ago

A true friend:

Music is one of the most important things in my life,
because it gets to me emotionally, like nothing else does.
I learned all about music from you,
from the first songs we listened to whilst camping
to that ridiculous song you've sent me last week.

I told you, that I didn't understand how this guy could fight us,
while his girlfriend was there with him,
because I couldn't imagine why he wouldn't rather spend his time with her.
You asked if I was crying,
and I was.

We sat on the beach at 3am and talked
about what a relationship should be
about how we connected with people
about how those lights kind of looked like frog eyes
about you, about me.

When I think about this time, about you, 
a wave of emotion overcomes me,
I cannot help but whisper:
"I love that dude"

If he'd not be there to listen,
If he'd not be there to go out,
Then who would I take to the ER?

Just kidding,
it's fun

Thanks for everything


That about sums it up? I don't know what the hell I'm doing - but that's fine, I wrote something from the heart --> YES!