the irish spring unicorn kings


this is a group for people who love fantasy,folklore,mythology,for those who like to dream,for the dragons,the unicorns,the leprechauns,the mermaids,the wizards,and of course the lovers of the good olde irish spring,
a wash aint a wash without the green bars of magical soap!!!!
any poems which fall into the above mentioned will be gladly welcomed,feel free to join if you wish.......we are the irish spring unicorn kings ;)
(p.s,the irish spring unicorn kings are also known to enjoy a drink or two! tequila is a favourite of the infamous unicorns,also jameson irish whiskey,and we can't forget a cold beer too! plus life wouldn't be life without music,whatever music it may be!)

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Poetic Beauty

Poetic Beauty

corn country, IL

This love is eternal


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