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My story, beggings. Intro.

7 Years Ago

Part 1: Beginnings
Several millennia ago there once existed an entity. An ancient being of unmeasurable power. The power to create life or to destroy it from existance. As time passed the entity grew tired and with it’s power created two sons in his image. Each had their own views on life and both set of on their own paths in the name of their master. The one son went westward and soon found life surrounded by fire and rocks. The other son made his way eastward, finding beauty and water on his path.  With the power of creation the first son created the first demons of hell and thus began the building of hell, the entity watched eagerly. The second son struggled through the conditions of his land, the blizzards and cold holding him back. As hope seemed lost great beings came to his rescue and he became indebted to them. He would name these beings, “The greater Angels”. Inspired by their very being the son gave form to the first angels which marked the beginning of Heaven.
  Several years later the Son of hell soon found himself in love and thus two sons were born. At first he was blessed but as time passed, his sons soon fought and knowingly only one could take his place. Stricken the son of the entity spoke to his creator for guidance. In response the entitiy declared that for peace to pass, one of the sons must die. So it was that both sons fought to the death until only one remained. With his work done he joined with the entity and watched over his son’s work. On heaven the son of the east and the greater angels worked hard on the building of heaven, the essence of heaven spread through the lakes and mountains. With his time at an end the son of the east gave his own life force to the greater angels in trust and too he joined the entity.
With their work completed with heaven and hell realised there was only one thing left to do. Using his power he created Earth, time passed as the entity watched mankind evolve, from primitive primates to the homo sapiens. And as the entity intended as one human dies they are judged by himself, if sinful their soul is taken to hell to serve as punishment. If the soul was richeous or true they would be welcomed to the paradise of heaven. As time went by both heaven and hell explored the lands, discovering life, and vital resources for them to live on. Then one day they found each other, both people of heaven and hell met for the first time. At first there was excitement at a new civilisation, heaven and hell rejoiced, but as the lands became divided the hatred between both grew. Fights turned into wars and friendshiops turned into rivalries. As time passed new rulers of hell were elected and more angels were sent to war. 
  Realising their time was coming to an end the greater angels created the angelic council, who would watch over heaven. Then one of the greater angels fell from grace, losing his purity of heaven and becoming one with those of hell. The creation of the first archangel. This caused chaos amongst those of heaven, and a civil war like no other erupted. Mny lives were lost on that day and the greater angels became nothing more than legend. A very important lesson was learnt that day
“Do not let the hunger for power consume you.
For power in itself brings change, 
change can make you lose those close,
and destroy the innocence that you may hold
for innocence is what makes one pure,
and when you walk, you will walk alone,
for death is sure to follow”

       Chapter 1
200 years on from the angel civil war, not much has changed. Both sides still retain their hatred. In hell a man named Sousan sits currently on the throne, deep in thought. He knows that this hatred will crease soon. Far too many have died over the years, to many loses on both sides. He just wishes his drems of reuniting heaven and hell shall come to pass. He looks towards his pregnant wife giving a reassuring smile. Either that or his one of his sons shall share his will and dream. He has yet to name them, but he knows his time is coming to an end.
“How are you feeling In the palace halls, the sound of screaming can be heard. The hall heading to the throne room is lit by torchlight, the flame light flickering against the hall walls. In the throne room a women is sitting on the bed close to the present ruler Sousan both looking out into each others eyes with smiles. Sousan “She suddenly glinces in pain immediately holding onto her stomach, looking towards Sousan. “It’s time!” Two women suddenly gently lower her onto the bed, as Sousan backs away in anxiety. She screams out in pain as the pain intensifies.. Sousan moves towards her, grabbing her hand in support. “You need to be strong for me okay?” She turns giving a weak smile  before suddenly flinching once more. “Keep pushing!”The women encourage. Seing her in pain Sousan moves forwards in stress, “Sorry your highness but if you could please sit down, you will only make this worse for yourself”. Sousan calmly moves away. rns her head slowly to her right looking at the newborn baby held in ... “Ivan...” Her eyes half closed from exhaustion. The rain continues to fall outside, hitting the Throne room windows. She then screams out in pain closing her eyes , crying. Then crying can be heard as a servant brings over another baby, wailing... “Dervish...” She utters. ... “She then screams again out in pain, as the servants suddenly fall in silence. “Sousan the current leader moves towards her, as someone takes something away. “Please... please take care of them”... “I fear for our worlds future” as she gets faint Sousan reaches his hand out touching hers looking to her weak face. “I will do everything in my power”... She gives a faint smile before closing her eyes. Her outstretched hand falls limp signalling, Sousan looks down on her before trying to shake her, “.....!?? Someone!! I need help?!?!” ... Left alone once more Sousan silently cries the loss of his wife a tragic loss. He then pauses overhearing the crying of his two sons, freshly born. Sousan moves towards both looking down on them. “Ivan and Dervish... rememerals of my wife and a gift to the future of this realm.” He looks back up looking outside to the silent night of hell.Out on the hell the rain lightly falls in the night, lights and lanterns offering some life to the streets in shadow. In view a cloaked figure walks alone through the rain, soaked head to toe, water dripping down his cloak and hidden face features. Held tightly around hsi right arm is a wooden cot, a cloth protecting it’s contents. He walks down the wet stone floor dragging his damn cloak as he moves. He hesitantly pauses raising his head seeing the house at he top of the hill amidst through the rain. He continues walking until he reaches the top. He stops walking in front of a wooden door. The hooded stranger kneels down, his knee damped by the floor. He carefully places the wooden basket on the doorstep, the rain continues falling. Then he rises back up knocking the wooden door heavily hollowly, hearing footsteps the cloaked figure quickly heads of into the rainy night. 
  The wooden door is suddenly burst open as a women peers outside into the darkness, a warrior clad in armour called Osaris walks up behind her curiously. “What is it” he asks in question, looking towards her. “It’s nothing”, she replies looking into the rain... “nothing”. Just as she’s about to shut the door she sees a wooden basket, outside. Confused she reaches towards it lifting the wet towel revealing a baby wrapped in cloth for warmth, abandonded, rejected in the pouring rain. The woman catiously picks up the baby, asleep in her hands. Osaris moves his head back rolling his eyes in annoyance. “Just leave it, last thing we need is a mouth to feed”. She turns towards him in protest, “But he’s just a baby, look at him. He’s alone” He looks outside into the pouring rain then back at her face. “I will take care of him”. Osaris moans in defeat before leaning towards the baby looking into it’s little eyes. “What do you think we should call him?” The women asks looking at Osaris standing motionless. He looks at the baby thinking it over repeatedly in his mind. “I know what we’ll call him”, he utters smiling, “Matius”.The years go past as Matius starts to grow up, the days of past quicker turn into weeks of past. Osaris watches him day by day watching the boy grow reminding himself how he once was once, a young boy full of possibility. One day Matius walks down a corridor noticing a lager enticing room, with a golden frame and swords displayed onto. One day he walks inside the foreign room noticing all the swords and shields shinning proud decorated on the walls. In fascination he steps inside. He then notices a smaller sword lower to the floor within his hands reach. He touches the silver blade gently, feeling the dentations into the blade. 
  “You like the swords?”, Matius quickly spins around in surprise, shaking the sword seeing Osaris, “ummm... yes?” Sousan steps inside the room, almost intimidating Matius unintetially. He then spots the sword near Matius approaching it. “This was the first ever sword I used during my first years in the services of hell, at the army academy”. Osaris looks back at Matius, “you’re fingers bleeding..” Matius then looks down at his hand noticing blood coming from his finger. Curious Osaris moves closer looking at him, “did you not feel the pain of the cut?” Matius shakes his head. “Tell me boy do you know what you wish you want to be?” “I don’t know” Matius replies. “It’s alright; I wouldn’t expect you to know. I didn’t know what I wanted to be at your age. All I knew was that I wanted excitement and adventure in my life, it’s what I always searched for as a kid. As I got older I became more aware of the army academy and their trips into the unknown, going off into missions travelling and fighting. It’s what I wanted to do, and that’s why I joined the forces”. “Can you teach me how to use a sword?” Matius questions?  Osaris pauses before laughing to himself in amusement, “Swords are a dangerous thing, maybe when you are older I will teach you how to use one but, not right now.” When you are 15 years old I will teach you everything I know, and as you grow you’ll become a fine young swordsman. Just like me”“Alright Matius now before we do this I want you to listen to every word that I tell you, do you understand?” Matius gives a little nod throwing a glance of uncertainty, “umm yes”. Sousan gives a smile of approval. With the task ahead he turns his attention towards one of the smaller swords shelved in the room. “To make sure you use a sword correctly, get a firm grip on the weapon shaft. This way it will be sturdy and easy to control” In demonstration Sousan starts swinging the sword in various directions. “If the sword is uncontrollable use both hands to gain greater control and power in the swings” .... “You might be unable to hold a shield, but your defence, attack and speed increase”. Finished Osaris lowers the sword putting it into Matius’s hands, “it’s heavy...” Matius complains struggling to hold it straight in the air. “Here let he help you”, Osaris approaches him helping Matius steady his grip. “Remember make sure your grip is strong, you need to be confident to wield a sword” Hearing these words Matius’s grip tightens and the sword stops shaking. “Good that’s it lad, now... try swinging it” Matius then swings it to his left, with ease then swings it to the right.The years go by as both form a bond of respect and friendship as both become important in each other’s lives. Matius for inspiration and guidance, Osaris for the son he could never have. Time goes by as Matius grows, and learns in knowledge from Osaris. “Matius let me ask you something, did you know you can transport yourself short distances using the energy that dwels inside of you?” “No.. can’t say I don’t” Matius replies. replies. “Well it’s a very useful ability which few have only been able to unlock. It’s very useful when escaping danger and difficult situations. Some have even been able to teleport themselves to the Earth by chance”.  Matius smiles, “what is earth?” Matius questions. Osaris pauses standing up, “Earth is a realm, similar to that which heaven and hell exist on. However the people that live there are advanced in their technology and in their way of life” Matius looks up in interest, “but why do we never go there?”. “Because the humans that live in their realm do not believe in angels or demons.  They fear the belief of demons or that of hell, because they believe us of evil”.One session they both practise sword fighting. Matius clumsily yet enthusiast smiling. “So my son do your eyes have a dream on what you wish to be?” Matius blocks his father’s attack raising his wooden sword into the air, smiling. “I want to be a great fighter like you father” His father looks at him before patting his head smiling, “that’s my son”. Their training session over they... They walk down the small corridor with pictures decorating the walls. As they walk his father turns to look at him, “You know I’m proud of you”,, he says looking down towards him. “Really?”, Matius responds. “Really” he answers encouraging Matius. “You know one day Matius I will show you the royal palace itself”. Matius turns towards his father in interest, “What is the royal palace father?”  he asks as they walk. “Well Matius the royal palace palace is a place where the greatest warriors are. They live their and they rest there. It also holds the royal bloodline. Where only those with royal blood may venture. It’s a place where many men like myself would wish to be. Perhaps I may tell you about it sometime”.
  Matius and his father enter the house. On their left is the circular stairway leading up to the bedrooms, in front of them the living room a circular room with a low table directly in the centre and to their right leading to the kitchen. Matius’s attention shifts towards the kitchen as something good is cooking. He walks inside noticing his mother washing up no doubt cleaning her used equipment. Hearing Matius she turns around bearing a smile as he fills her arms. She closes her eyes lovingly before opening them again hearing Osaris walk inside. “What’s cooking?” he asks curiously interested in the smell. Finished washing up she places her towel on the holder, “it’s our meal for tonight. For me to know and for you to find out. But for now it’s time to do some shopping” Osaris looks back at the oven before looking back at her, “what do we need to get?” he replies. “ohh just some things for breakfast and we’re running low on bread. Besides I think Matius would like to go to the market”