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Chicago, IL

Circulation: 500
Issues Per Year: 2
Manuscripts Per Issue: 15-20
New Writers Per Year: n/a
Payment Type: Contributor's Copies



Esoteric. Psychedlic. Existential. Strange. Fantastic. Surreal. Sub-real. Agnostic. Insectile.

Anobium is literature. It is a creature, a consciousness, operating in its own realm of meaning and existence. It is a swarm of molecules, amalgamated into an invisible whole (or hole).

When we say Anboium, this is what we mean. Too many literary magazines and reviews forego quality for quantity and content for coherence. With literature, the size of a word matters much less than the way you use it. If brevity is the soul of wit, verbosity is circumlocutory.

Though we are based in Chicago, our values extend beyond borders. Good writing transcends.

Unlike other literary startups, our aim is to produce professionally bound, expertly published, contemporary literature. We want to print literature in a digital world; to rest like a canoe drifting atop the waves in a sea filled with empty submarines. The printed word is permanent (until it reaches 451 degrees, of course).

Of course, we believe in readability, too. We don’t want to weigh down anyone’s pockets with thick volumes of mediocre writing. Our relatively ‘short’ volumes (80-100 pages) will read easily, store safely and wear evenly - as a good book should.

Some of our favorite writers fell within the range from John Barth to Vladimir Nabokov to Franz Kakfa to David Foster Wallace to Jonathan Ames to Sam Lipsyte to Blaster Al Ackerman to Haruki Murakami to Jorge Luis Borges to Daniel A.I.U. Higgs to Norman Mailer to Hunter S. Thompson to H.G. Wells to Jose Saramago to Arthur Schopenhauer. Fill in the blanks.

And this is how we feed the woodbeetle.

Submission Information

  • Contemporary Literature
  • Essays
  • Experimental
  • Fiction
  • Haiku
  • Humor & Satire
  • Literary Fiction
  • Metafiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Postmodern
  • Prose Poems
  • Regional
  • Religious
  • Supernatural & Occult

Submission Methods
  • Accepts Simultaneous Queries
  • Accepts Multiple Queries
  • Accepts Email Queries

Average Story Length: 1,500
Story Length Limit: TBD


Response Times
Queries: 2-3 Months
Manuscripts: n/a

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Mary J. Levine, Benjamin van Loon

2557 W. Eastwood Ave., #2
Chicago, IL 60625

Email: [email protected]