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If you would like for us to consider your work for publication, please send it to us in a Microsoft Word doc, attached to your email addressed to "editors," followed by an "at" symbol, followed by this site's domain name. If your piece is less than 2,000 words and you require no special formatting, send it in the body of the email in plain text. At the beginning of the story, please include the story's title, your name, your phone number and your email address. We're looking for fiction and nonfiction. Mostly fiction. Good writing. Nothing too cute, nothing too droll. Smart and honest are great, especially in combination. Funny's grand, but never for the sake of being funny. Don't be afraid to be sexy, or not funny. A greater purpose. A hidden sadness, maybe. A reason. Alive. Nice narrative drive. Commercial or literary. Something much more. Above all, good. We'd be honored to publish this kind of work. Let's have a look! Note: Previously published work will not be accepted. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Multiple submissions tend to eat themselves. Since the PFGs are sort of themed, here are some GENERAL GUIDELINES that should not be taken too literally but should be used to get the thought process rolling: - Short fiction -- any length, as long as it works - Funny pieces, the kind you can find in certain magazines or online, no more than 1,000 words - Fiction or nonfiction on favorite music or composers -- 2,000 words? - Personal stories behind or related to a favorite or eccentric food, with recipe (seasonal angles accepted) -- less than 5,000 words - Wine appreciation, coffee appreciation, tea appreciation - Story about your first computer or gaming system? - Lists of all kinds, including things you recommend doing -- or not doing -- during a particular season; things you have done; places to go and why -- 700 words - Scrabble strategy -- 700 words - Video game strategy -- 700 words - Sports stories that come from unusual angles -- 4,000 words - Selling Out Q&A's -- discussion with a relatively known artist about where they draw the line on selling out, if they've ever sold out, if they ever would sell out, what's wrong with selling out if the act gives you money and therefore more free time to pursue art that doesn't sell out, etc. -- 2,000 words - Travel pieces that are sort of like NYer's neighborhood pieces in TOTT, the ones that give a sense of community by focusing on one thing or person, but applied to your neighborhood or a neighborhood you visited -- 1,500 words? - Workplace pieces -- tell us what you do for a living, in detail, and who you interact with, or maybe tell us about a job you once had that you'll never forget because it was so great or awful or both. Just an idea. - Electronic correspondence -- a favorite email or IM or txt msg conversation, etc., which distinctively displays the humanity and/or the potential behind this still-new form of communication -- 1,500 words? - Foreign language (i.e., non-English) lessons - Celebrity sightings -- descriptions of famous people you have encountered -- 1,000 words - Something from the back of your journal? Stained with drink and age? Something that might fill a page?

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