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Cassandra's Story. Chapter eight

Cassandra\'s Story. Chapter eight

A Chapter by Kat

I waited for about thirty minutes before I picked up my sketchbook. I closed my eyes and began to sketch a boy. He had black hair covering his eye, li..
Cassandra's Story. Chapter nine

Cassandra\'s Story. Chapter nine

A Chapter by Kat

Everything was going well. Mai and Ross were still together, Andrew and I had been hanging out one on one more and... I think I was beginning to lik..
Cassandra's Story. Chapter ten

Cassandra\'s Story. Chapter ten

A Chapter by Kat

I walked home from school just a little happier than normal. This time, I had two reasons, not just the 'I'm-so-happy-and-I-don't-know-why excuse that..
Cassandra's Story. Chapter eleven

Cassandra\'s Story. Chapter eleven

A Chapter by Kat

I sat by her bed for the whole time she was unconscious, planning how I would ask her out in my head. Finally, she woke up. 'Hi'She signed slowly, se..


A Chapter by Kat

Andrew's Point Of View Cassie walked down the stairs hesitantly, almost like she was expecting for me to laugh at her and take back the offer and lau..
Cassandra's Story. Chapter twelve

Cassandra\'s Story. Chapter twelve

A Chapter by Kat

"So what are we gonna do today?" Mai asked, laying upside down on my bed. Andrew and Ross were playing around throwing my newly acquired s..
Cassandra's Story. Chapter thirteen

Cassandra\'s Story. Chapter thirteen

A Chapter by Kat

I walked quietly over to Andrew's room.He had been seeming majorly disoriented over the past week and he hadn't told me what it was. "What's ..
Cassandra's Story. Chapter fourteen

Cassandra\'s Story. Chapter fourteen

A Chapter by Kat

I walked into the kitchen and saw Cassie... Cooing at a baby? "Whose. Baby. Is. That?" I asked shocked. "I found her. I'm going to te..
Cassandra's Story. Chapter fifteen

Cassandra\'s Story. Chapter fifteen

A Chapter by Kat

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