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Cinco Puntos Press

Cinco Puntos Press
El Paso, TX

Publishes Hardcover Books: Yes
Publishes Paperback Books: Yes
Publishes E-Books: No

Submission Information

  • Biography & Memoir
  • Children's
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Ethnic
  • Family Saga
  • Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Mystery, Suspense & Thriller
  • Nonfiction
  • Philosophy
  • Picture Books
  • Poetry
  • Regional
  • Short Story Collections
  • Sports
  • Teen & Young Adult
  • Women's & Feminist

Submission Methods
  • Accepts Email Queries

  • SASE
  • Manuscript

Response Times
Queries: A few business days.
Manuscripts: Unsure

Additional Information
Cinco Puntos focuses on Mexican-American and Latino literature, but they have published and are eager to publish all other works as well. It is a closely-knit independent press with a variety of works published, from children's folk tales to baseball history books. The press has been around since 1985 , has earned numerous awards including the American book Award, and has since been inducted into the Latino Literary Hall of Fame. "We always hear about passion in this business, but rarely devotion. What Bobby and Lee Byrd have created is what begins as a dream and ideal for most people. But after the hard work and constant battles take their toll, most get jaded and things get reduced to a simple business proposition. Unlike the NAFTA-mindedness of corporate publishing culture, Bobby and Lee Byrd and all of Cinco Puntos have the integrity to continue to live their dream, not just on the border, but across borders. This is one family, one publisher, which deserves our attention and respect." -The Before Columbus Foundation

Contact Information

Bobby Byrd: co-editor and vice-president
Lee Byrd: senior editior, co-publihser, president
John Byrd: marketing director
Ligia Arguilez: publicist
Mary Fountaine: shipping and handling
Rose Hill: webmaster

701 Texas Avenue
El Paso, TX 79901

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (915) 838-1625
Fax (915) 838-1635