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About Me

“Passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience. It is not about feeling good. It is about endurance. Like patience, passion comes from the same Latin root: pati. It does not mean to flow with exuberance. It means to suffer.”

- Mark Danielewski, House of Leaves


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Posted 5 Years Ago

Like you said, there's John, but honestly not anyone else that I actively hear from. I forget about WC for long periods of time so only about 5% of what I write gets posted here. I'm on wordpress a lot more. And never apologize for reviews. I love getting reviews, obviously :P

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Posted 6 Years Ago

I get my inspiration mainly from people I've known. Sometimes it will be just a thought or a feeling about them, and I build around it. Of course, sometimes certain lines just come to me and get stuck in my head (usually while I'm trying to sleep -- and then I wake up with notes in my phone, not totally remembering why I needed to remind myself about the word "undulating" at four in the morning...)
Where do you get your inspiration?

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Hey, dude. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the thoughtful and constructive reviews. They were very helpful, and I appreciate it. :)

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Aw, thank you. The writing has been coming back slowly. I think I'll be okay. Yeah, I really wish more people who I used to follow would come back on WC -- but from all the junk mail I get, it doesn't surprise me why they stay away... It was a long time ago, even longer when I remember how many pieces I lost when it crashed...

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Oh wow! What a treat seeing you on my page again. I remember when it was actually pretty common to get reviews/comments from my favorites here. Now it's like a special occasion. Writing has been... sparse on my end as of late. Bad break-up isn't really inspiring much from me except for losing weight. Because I can't eat. Hopefully it comes back. The writing that is, not the weight. Haha.

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Posted 10 Years Ago

ooo new picture, that speaks well for renewed energy. ;)

It's not just kind words homie, its all true. I've tried to find a new set of writers with voice and integrity and I've not found the same thing as long as I've looked. Youre part of a community that I miss distinctly, and you in particular were a big part of the draw of talent there to me.

My writing partner is the guy posted below you on my comments. Wisconsin. There's pictures in my photos, he came and visited me last fall.

I'll send you something, dont feel pressure but if it clicks write something to add and lets see if we cant get a collab going, maybe it'll inspire you {and me} maybe It'll turn into more. Want to see?

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Posted 10 Years Ago

I'm right there with ya man, this place for me, is not coming back.

But yeah, you definitely affected me, - infact are you crazy? of course you did. You dont know what talent you have. It's such a shame that productive environment didnt retain its integrity longer. ....there was so much draw and growth here.

But anyway, yeah John, you in particular definitely have voice. I dont know what to do to bring you back to using it besides telling you I want you to, for my own reading pleasure and offering to write with you, but only if youre serious and dedicated to bringing your A game.

I have a writing partner and he's spoiled me ;P

But im serious if you want to, I am down!

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Posted 10 Years Ago

About time!

Let me repeat:

Dear Jon,

You may think the world
had sped,
left you in the wheel well of a tire
burnin rubber,
so all that's left-
asphalt to glow
a girl smiling
all ideas lifting to a place we can't return to
{without the time machine Spock promised,
that one time.. after Klingon wine.}
But really... that's only illusion
the distract of daily fiction
minutes trying their hardest to convince and confuse

And why?
Cos' youre made out of madness baby!
Prowess child.
What a boon to the proud
it would be
if you survived.

I've seen,
locked a portrait of your pretty ability.
Know your fingers touched to key
would set my world a fire, for real
take my minutes -Only to build it bigger from the ashes.

I'd call you back...
but this place is no home.

It would be like asking you to pull on some scratchy sweater
instead of the sharp suit your pursuits require.

Truth is,
you're crazy child
a bullet with wile,
and I have never let you go.

Not on the hope of holding your words with me when I travel
not of sinking into your mind like only volumes would satisfy.
A vouyer, and about that

Yes Jon,
cos you as a writer, I miss distinctly.

I am your audience,

so why don't you excite me?

I'm a need for you

to write.

{Have had that up-and meant it-since March.}

I'm finishing Standing Dead, the book I'm coauthoring with Owen Abbot. It's awesome, almost done, about a starving guy, a naked wolf girl and cheating located in the Gogebic mountains of Wisconsin. ;)

What are you doing or better yet I should say what are you going to be doing that I can read?

answer me f****r.

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Posted 10 Years Ago

Im tuned 3/6/9

tuned dude tuned.

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Posted 11 Years Ago


been waiting;)