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About Me

I believe the most important, most miraculous, things in life are not seen, heard, or even thought, but they are felt. With this, I suppose sometimes writing comes as a bit of a struggle for me. Because words cannot describe the indescribable. Yet despite the complexity of life, some of us still feel the desire to try to express our most perplexing emotions, views, and thoughts in the simple form of words. I think this is perhaps because it helps us to process our self introspection, and acknowledge our true feelings. And words are a language that we know will be understood by others, however they chose to understand them, that is. Which is why words are a sometimes frightening way of capturing our deepest vulnerabilities..
To share a part of myself through words is something that I've always wanted to do. It's something I've also been a bit afraid to do, because once the world sees a piece of you, it cannot be undone. But I shall try anyways, only hoping that something I share will be of some meaning to someone. ..
So this is where I am going to post whatever contemplation that comes to my mind that I think could possibly, maybe, be worthy of leaving the crowded space of my brain. It will probably be totally unorganized, so I apologize if my writing is confusing or grammatically incorrect. It may even seem completely senseless at times. But I will try to just write as I think it, and if I look back and regret it later, well that's that.... P.S Your feedback would be loved. Only if you want to, and only what you want to. If you want to tell me that my writing is sloppy and I sound like a maniac, then I want to hear. If you don't want to say anything, that's cool too. Just be honest. I will try to be as well :D