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About Me

Miracles do happen! On the 1987. At around 3-00 Pm I found myself recovering from a Kidney Transplant Operation that had used a Epidural Anastasia, Given that I was conscious through out this experience I found myself living out what I now know as a rebirthing!

My Birth name was Brian and from that moment I found myself seeking a new name, or in this case a confirmation of whom I was born to be and I took the name of Bryan! My name is Bryan and i am a 54 going on 1000 year's old some what Dyslexic Spiritually minded traveler in time and space?

I was born in Egypt but of pure Celtic Blood, my Mothers family being Scottish and my Fathers Celtic English, on my mother�s side I can trace her Clans to around about the year 1400. And on my Fathers side well before the Saxon Invaded Wessex.

My Farther was a serving noncommissioned Officer in the British Army stationed near the banks of the Suez Cannel near a small town called Fayid; I was born in a RAF Hospital in 1952. I do not remember much about it but some years later my Dad was posted to Malaysia in 1950 when I was 3 years old and I spent 5 years of wonder joy, this perhaps why I now have Skin Cancer, stupidly I use to play out side in just a pair of shorts, when I returned to the Uk I was as brown as tree bark, people use to touch me very odd experience.

In both cases this makes me believe that I am of Pure Pictish and Celtic Pre Norman Stock!

I live in North Somerset England close to the Spiritual capital of the Uk Glastonbury Somerset. I follow a Spiritual journey set for me to self explore from Birth?

On the 1987 i was given a successful Kidney Transplant, now some 20 years later my health is good and my understanding of all that has been set before me has let me explore and learn, from positive (+) to Negative (-).my journey has shown me the deepest understanding of Human Emotion!

I follow a calling that has become my Work as a Clairvoyant QI.Taoist Geomancer and Dowser, i am thus for my sins a Clairvoyant Consultant with the British Astrological & Psychic Society and have worked and shared at some of the leading Mind Body and Spirit events in the UK.

My main place of real time sharing is a Mind Body Spirit Event at Glastonbury Town Hall Somerset England, i now share at a table and can be seen live each time when a i give a Dowsing Class for free!

I have many interest from Mind Body Spirit, Feng Shui, Dowsing, The Runes and ogam script, Geomancy and Crystals, Ley Lines and any many other thing Psychic.

My other interest are so many that i can not show them all here, but to name a few i will now try to do!

From Motorbikes, Cooking, Computers, some Pc games, Music, visiting Historical places such as Stone Circles, Castles Historical Battle fields, War gaming and historical reenactment, Motorbikes, Mv Augusta and Ducati are some of the Bikes i have ridden and owned!

Some Cable Television, from Historical and Much more, Csi, Law and Order, Time team on Uk Channel 4 and much more!

Due to a Motorbike accident some years ago i can not explore one of my favorite interests and pleasure, but in the past i use to be a International Motorcycle racing track Marshal, sadly i am not able to enjoy this pleasure due to the side effects of the daily medication i need to take to stop my Successful Kidney transplant from rejecting, i now suffer from Skin Cancer and Brittle bones!

Given the above problems i try to live my life as it comes, thus from day to day, i explore with positive joy all that has been placed before me, i personaly do not feel any form of self pity, more i feel pure and honest!

I am what is called a Shaman thus from Birth i have been made to explore a Karmic Journey of some times Joy and mostly actual Body Pain, i will not explain as this my own personal Karmic Journey, mine alone to explore, this is my main interest in life, the natural ebb and flow of daily life?

I thus follow the Karmic flow, and go with the flow and learn as i go! Follow the Light!

May the fellowship of the liveing light be with you all!

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