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Boise and the surrounding bits, ID
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Outlaws and Indians Contest
Jun 6, 2008 - Aug 24, 2008

I grew up in southern Idaho, a stone's throw away from a Nevada indian reservation. I spent much of my youth exploring the trails among the sage brush, but even more of it lost in the worlds of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. As a teen, I went to a boarding school, and continued to judge my surroundings against the backdrops painted by people from Jack London to Stephen King, and started trying to write seriously myself. I wrote an underground newspaper. I cranked out short stories with an ease I long to recapture. But then I actually tried to get published, and like many a young writer I believed the things I saw in the rejection letters that filled my mailbox. I put my pen and paper away as inconsequential, and tried to move on. After a failed attempt at a culinary career, I became homeless and learned about poetry. I finally fought my way up from the streets, and got a family and a tolerable if oppressive job. I haven't recovered the lightning speed at which I used to write, but I've got the pen and paper once more, and what I lack in production I think I've replaced with wisdom.


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Posted 14 Years Ago

Thanks for the read and review, man. I'm trying to sort out, as we speak, which of yer Homeless Stories I stopped with, seeing as how you've put new ones up. Damn right! I'll be going through those today.

Oh, the show? Legally Blond, that f****n terrible trio of films that so many people somehow find something to love about, is now on Broadway. So, these stuffed f****n suits are doing a show about the process of casting for the next L. Woods.

Good God, man. It's f****n terrible to watch. All the things about "reality TV" competitions that I HATE are there. Backstabbing by the contestants, the smug attitude of the hosts/judges, the total degradation of the people competing. All for the want of something that may or may not last for very long, anyway. S**t, even if it does last long, is it worth totally subjecting yourself to such fake, pop culture bullshit torture?

S**t like this? This is what's wrong with America. If you aint the prettiest, the smartest, the sexiest, or the richest, you don't matter at all. You aint s**t with "The Most" attached to the beginning of your name. Parents are teaching their kids this s****y philosophy, now. If they aint teaching their kids this, they're allowing them to be taught by TV and movies, magazines and commercials.

It's what you are and not who you are inside that matters more than anything else, now. It's despicable, but yet, I still watch. I guess I want to see how far this s**t goes, man.

Otherwise, I'm just one more source of rating for these a******s.

Hawksmoor...From The Bleed.

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Posted 15 Years Ago

Thanks for the read and review, man. All I ever ask for is pure honesty when folks take the time to read my stuff. It look slike you had nothing to lose by being honest. That is VERY much appreciated, man. Seriously.

Hawksmoor...From The Bleed.