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the crying cup

the crying cup


I'm like an inside joke - some people get me but others don't.

West Bend, WI
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About Me

Yello, peoples, and welcome to my page!
Here's me in the metaphorical nutshell:

My name's Olivia, and I like to consider myself a nice girl who can take a poke at her pride every once in a while. So insult me if you want :3
(PS I'm also known for my sarcasm and random actions, so don't take anything I say or do seriously)

Top 4 favorite authors:
Paul Stewart
C S Lewis
Walter Farley
Erin Hunter

riding my bike
painting my nails
eating string cheese
joking around with friends
being sarcastic

Top 4 favorite books:
Warriors: Forest of Secrets
The Young Black Stallion
Atherton: House of Power
Wings of Fire: the Lost Heir

My favorite Clan is RiverClan
My favorite animal is a budgerigar (little pet bird)

I am a big fan of the following old TV shows:
The Brady Bunch
Gilligan's Island
Hogan's Heroes
Father Knows Best
Bachelor Father
I Love Lucy
Mary Tyler Moore
I Dream of Jeannie
Happy Days

I have many genres of music that I like and many singers that I like. They are:
Spice Girls
Jesse McCartney
Cheetah Girls
Jason Derulo
Britney Spears
Little Boots
DJ Satomi
Taylor Swift
Shania Twain

All these artists are really good. If you haven't heard some of them you need to. Right now. Seriously. Go.


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Posted 7 Years Ago

Yeah I have budgies and I love them like they're my kids!

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Thank you. I love tigers, so I thought the picture was fitting.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

I Dream Of Jeanie is pretty funny xD I saw like one episode once.
I love the Cheeta Girls too, they're awesome.
Do you have a pet Budgy? o.o They're so cute!