Nightfall Chptr 1

Nightfall Chptr 1

A Chapter by +MourningDove+

The all knowing sun fades across the sky as faithful moon arises in relief.. We all are thankful, for the dim moon dulls the sight of what really is.


    I watch the sun take its last glimmer then disappear behind the hill. Relief flows through me, a coolness washing down to the tips of my fingers and toes.. My subconcious relaxes.. And I am calm.. The harsh sun no longer burns my eyes, my skin no longer feels the painful hot flashes.. And it is time to hunt. Im running, feeling the wind whistle in my ears, the forest whipping my skin, chilling me as I pass. The distint stink of city hits me across the face as the sweet natural smell of my forest fades away.

     I travel closer and closer until I can hear the sounds of population, loud and noisy, growing louder and louder. Finally I arrive, the sweet smell of dinner awaits. I think I want someone athletic tonight, Im not in the mood for all that grease I can always taste. A jogger, dressed in bike shorts and an expensive aerotechnology jacket, crosses the street into deserted territory. Here was my chance, I leaped and climbed up the side of a building in the thin alleyway which I had been hiding in. I reached the top of the building and ran. I jumped across another two building tops until I reached where she was. She had her hand in her pocket and she had a nerous look on her face, showing she was scard and wanted to leave this lonley part of the city.

This is why I hunt here.

     I leaped down from the rooftop into another alleyway and walked towards her silently.

"Hey there," She jumped and whirleed around to stare at me. Leaning up against the building, I spoke again. "I dont think its really safe for someone like you to be walking around here alone." She sat and watched me for a moment and seemed to realize what was going on, or at least what she thought was going on. "I dont have any money but take my cell phone, just dont hurt me. Please." Her voice was stern, but soft. Sounded like a mother maybe, or a teacher.

"What makes you think I want your money?" I grinned, and her eyes widened as she turned and started to run.

My smile grew wider as my fangs slid out farther, growing in anticipation of blood.

"They always run," I sighed to myself and broke into a run after her, wind whistling in my ears again.

© 2011 +MourningDove+

Author's Note

Just a chapter.. A begining, and end, who knows.. review please :)

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EPICA, SARAh. I loved this. Well done, I'm anxious to read more!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Alexandria, NH

Why hello stranger If your reading this, you must be lost. This is just a hobby, but I like feedback, shoot me a msg. Anyways, heres a little about me: Im wear black and like solitude, earning the .. more..