The Fence Chptr 2

The Fence Chptr 2

A Chapter by +MourningDove+

It’s no use. Nobody crosses the fence. They can try, but they won’t make it. Nobody makes it. There will be another attempt today, and everyone will be there. I don’t see why they even try.



 It all started with Michael.


               He was a nice, quiet, (yet also funny) guy with dark hair and blue eyes. So basically, he was gorgeous and amazing. And I could never figure out why, but nobody liked him. It’s like everyone was scared of him. Everyone except me. We had known each other forever, and we were closer than any two friends youd ever meet. I knew everything about him and he could read me like a book. I was his best friend, and he was like one of my best friends. I say like because he was my best friend, but was never accepted by my other friends. (before and after judgment day, a.k.a the day the fence dropped)

         Here was the deal at Southside, if your friend’s friends didn’t like you, you’d have better back off before it got ugly.

          But I decided I didn’t want to let that happen. I tried to keep Michael with us, pull him along with us, while trying not to set my overprotective friends off. But as soon as he fence fell, Michael got the message. When it was time to get into dorms, he went with the outcasts. The dorks, the nerds, the quiet ones in the corner that no one talked to before the judgement day. He went to their dorm. He was alone, my family of friends was at peace, but I was restless. I didn’t feel right. I missed my best friend.

           A few weeks after judgment day, after the generators were shut down at 11:00pm, I snuck out with one of the last existing flashlights known to the grounds. I found his room, but he wouldn’t speak to me. I sat next to him all night, both of us silent, but not sleeping. I sat there with him until about 3:30 in the afternoon the next day, when my family came bursting through the doors of the small outcast dormitory. I remember the words so clearly in my head.

“What the hell were you thinking?!?!” yelled Todd. “We couldn’t find you, and the strange way you’ve been acting lately, we’d thought you’d gone and thrown yourself over the fence!!!”

Todd reminds me of the father I now missed so much. Always yelling when things scared him, or things got out of his control. My other friend, jasmine, stepped in.

“Look, I’m sure she didn’t mean to scare us like that.” She looked at me with a stare that could make the strongest army officer wet his pants and run for mama. But at the same time, the stare showed that she cared.

“Just promise us you wont do it again.”

      I opened my mouth, starting to agree, but I thought better of it.

“No.” The word rang out, sounding clear and confidant, but all at the same time I was wondering where the hell this came from. “Youre not my f****n' parents, and I can take care of myself. Michael’s my friend, and I cant see why you guys don’t like him." I paused, thinking of a way to put the icing on the cake. "And frankly I dont give a damn.”

     Michael, being silent this whole time, finally spoke up. 

“Andrea, just go. Obviously, we’re not friends, according to your husband over here.”

        Those words sunk into my brain slowly as they rang out into the silence for a few moments, and then it happened. Todd roared and ran at Michael before anyone knew what was happening. My family all started yelling at once, but no one was trying to stop them. That was stupid, why didn’t they just start placing bets too? Sometimes I wonder what this world has come too, and then I remind myself that we re all trapped in our own hellish world. So that case is closed.

       I started towards them, I wanted this to stop now. As soon as I started walking forward, I was pulled back. James had my wrists, and Jack had Lee-Ann’s. Of course shed b trying to stop this, she has always “taken a liking” to Todd, but he never returned the favor.  The fighting did not stop, fists were flying, swears and insults were being thrown from mouths like daggers. It looked like an even fight for some time, but then Todd got the upper hand with one blow of a fist, and I heard a crunch. I winced as if I had been on the reciving end of that punch. Everyone watched in awe with what happened next. As Todd sat on top of Michael’s chest, throwing a punch with very word

“Don’t-you-EVER-speak-to-her-that-way-again!!! Do-you-under-stand?!?!?!?” 

       His face contorted with a fury I’d only seen once before in 3rd grade when he punched a kid for calling me a stupid girl. My mind and thoughts frozen with confusion and fear, finally melted with the realization that my best friend Michael was being hurt, and my other friend Todd was the one doing it. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I had no idea that right now, this one word would hurt someone so badly.


      Everyone looked at me, and now the rooms silent. The other outcasts, trying to figure out why the hell this was happening in their dorm, my family from my dorm, trying to comprehend what has happened here, Todd, his face softened while looking at me, a trickle of blood coming from his mouth and his left eye starting to bruise.

    My innocent Michael, head on the floor, barely conscious, face bloodied from the punches. There was silence, and I started to cry. I cried like I had never cried before, and I ran to Michael, pushing Todd out my way, him willing to move. And Michael looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes that I’d come to know as my best friends eyes for 6 years now. That was it.

      My heart melted in fury and pain for my friend. I realized I’d been on my knees lying over Michael’s chest, and I had his blood on me. I stood up and turned to Todd. His face was blank and pale as I raised a shaky hand at him. “You.”  I said, sounding half mad. He looked at me with a pained expression and replied,


I stared at him in astonishment. “What? That’s all you have to say?!? You just beat the s**t out of my best friend and what is all you have to say? He wasnt even talking to you!"

     He watched me angrily. “What would you like me to-“ That’s all it took. I ran at him, screaming, aiming to kill. That was it. I always knew Todd wanted to be more than friends, but that was going to far, hurting Michael like that. Before I could do any damage whatsoever, the big friendly giant of a guy named Cody from my dorm came and picked me up, putting the tightest bear hug of my life. (Which is really saying something because Cody’s a huggy kind of guy, and he gives me real hugs all the time.)

      But this wasn’t a hug; this was restraining me, keeping me from moving everything but my legs, which werent even touching the ground but  struggling like mad to be released. Getting away from Cody, that was a lost cause, so screaming for help sounded like a pretty good idea.


No one moved.

Micheal kept bleeding.

© 2012 +MourningDove+

Author's Note

Sorry about the grammar, just typing.. just thinking..

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THIS WAS AMAZING! I loved every second of it. The format -- that's what it's called! -- is a lot better in this one. I like the new font used, and I love the characters! My only complaint is the "?!?!?!" that's constantly used. I understand you want to emphasize, but one "?!" will do just fine. It'll stress the point you want. IF you want to stress even more, do what I just did, and italicise[sp?]. Otherwise, well done! Luff it! Reading on~

Posted 9 Years Ago

omg sarah this is really amazing and i loooooove micheal todd pisses me off. cody sounds amazing this is really good so imma stop typing so i can read more...

Posted 9 Years Ago

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