The Fence Chptr 3

The Fence Chptr 3

A Chapter by +MourningDove+

It’s no use. Nobody crosses the fence. They can try, but they won’t make it. Nobody makes it. There will be another attempt today, and everyone will be there. I don’t see why they even try.


Michael was bleeding.


    I felt.. Nothing felt real, everything was slow, stopped. No one was moving.

    I turned desperately towards Jasmine. “JASMINE!!! GO!! PLEASE!!!” I pleaded, yet nobody moved. What was wrong? Michael was hurt badly and nobody cared!?! Finally another friend from my dorm, Rose, snapped out of the sudden trance fallen over everyone and ran out of the room to get help.

    Again I tried struggling madly so I could get to Michael, but Cody wouldn’t release. Everyone was just standing awkwardly around the room, especially the inhabitants of the dorm, who still didn’t really get what was going on. Thats when I really looked at my surroundings.


 The room was small, and it looked like these guys werent even social with each other. Their beds were just a few desks shoved together, and they were as far away from each other as possible. There was no bedding, maybe a jacket or two. No pictures hung on the walls, no drawings.. nothing. The room was bare, like it hadnt been changed or altered from what it looked like it when it was a classroom.. Spooky.


I needed to get out. I struggled some more, and it wasnt seeming to work.

“Michael,” I breathed, making a sound only Cody could hear. Finally he realized I wasn’t trying to kill Todd anymore, so he let go and I fell to the floor. I crawled over to Michael, a bit faint from Cody’s death grip.

   I could hardly recognize Michaels face. His nose and right cheekbone was broken, his lower lip was puffy, and there was blood everywhere. I touched the side of his face that wasn’t broken, and his eyelids fluttered open and looked around until they found me.


  “Hey Lynn,” he whispered my stupid nickname. No one calls me by my middle name but Michael. “How bad is it?” He tried grinning and then winced. Some more blood came out of his mouth. I started to cry more.

   “Hey, hey, I’ll be fine.” His bloody face getting serious again.

  “You don’t know that.” I said through my sobs. There was silence between us for I don’t know how long, and finally the medics followed by rose came through the doors with one of the makeshift stretchers.

  They looked down at Michael and figured out how they were going to move him and create as little pain for him as possible. Michael looked up at my face and whispered,

“Stay with me.”

All I could choke back was,


© 2011 +MourningDove+

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This was a very emotional chapter. I WAS SAD. BLEH.

I love Andrea's loyalty. I love everything about this story. GAH. YOU HAVE THE AMAZING ABILITY TO WRITE FANTASTIC STORIES.


Posted 9 Years Ago

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