I was made for you

I was made for you

A Poem by -Insertnamehere-

When I think about kissing you
it comes in waves of threes
like lives that passed but never met
I was made for you
made for the way your hands curve
your lungs inflate
the way your laugh creates rivers upon rivers upon rivers against the pooling shade of your eyes
I was made for you
in the way time is made up of broken moments
like we can fix this, I promise, I swear it
because even though we’ve never met
I’ve still met you
in the corners of your eyes
in the shades of your mouth
in the way that when I look at all the places you’ve been
when I step in all the places you’ll step
it feels like all sorts of galaxies emanating black holes emanating
trying to fit right
because I won’t settle for something less than this
less than the sort of fire that aches against me when I touch you in all the places I’ve touched you before
scorching away the nerves there
I’d burn to ashes for you
because there is no fairytale ending
light surging forth from darkness              

just you

and whatever ending happens with you
because no matter how many people try to tell me this is just
an overreaction
to my romantic sense of mind
I’ll just look at all the places you still rest       

against the lines of my hands                      

against the pull of my throat like how my words keep getting stuck in my stomach waiting for you                                 

because I think if you touched me enough it would leave a trail of stars

god I hope my fingertips do                               

the way I was meant to grip your wrists I want you                               

hold the spine of your back together against my chest I need you         

curve my lips and lungs and body please need me too                  

because god you create holes where my lungs should be                   

beat my f*****g heart when I’m without air
I was made for you
in the way
your fingers shake like    

we haven’t touched for the first time                                
in the way                     

you seem to take my breath away and breathe it back into me all at once
I was made for you
in the way everything with you feels
like an asthma I can’t
breathe away
you are laced
within my skin
somewhere between
the sails of
my being
and I’m not ready to let that go not
ready to escape these parts of me apart from me
because you were real
because your lips once touched mine and your hands once held up mine and your heart once captured mine and I remember you like I remember how to tie my shoes
I was made for you
you are the sun
I would grow
to get to you
I would walk
to get to you
build you out of memory and salt water against the wind of my sails
lead me home
we can blend into all sorts of paints and pastels
a brighter spectrum
the tips of my colors touching yours
or maybe I only imagined them
I don’t remember
but in this instant I think
I’ve dreamed of you
think I’ve kissed the ships between those lips
tasted those seas
I was made for you
and when I look at you
all other words feel

© 2014 -Insertnamehere-

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Added on January 3, 2014
Last Updated on January 3, 2014



Seattle, WA

The name is Oleksander Silas. 18. Male. I reside in Victoria. I write but I also write through instruments. Explosions in the Sky. Sigur Ros. Jonsi. William Fitzsimmons. This Will Destroy You. God .. more..