Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time...

A Poem by ~ Czarina Iris ~

Another day has gone and passed

Another wasted eve

But on the rise of the new day's sun

Was a miracle indeed


For in the wee hours of the morn

Arrived a little girl

Small and weak but filled with life

At her feet lay the world


The years passed by and up she grew

To be beautiful, kind and shy

She had few friends but she didn't care

And no one questioned why


As time progressed she learned to read

Her books became her friends

Her little fingers searched for more

As each book reached its end


Eventually she started school

And with it came much fear

She had never been a social child

But her friends were always near


They helped her through the hardest times

Staying closely by her side

And with each obstacle she passed

She felt a sense of pride


But innocence only lasts so long

And we must come understand

That nothing is as we once thought

When we held our mother's hand


She was hardly ten that fateful night

When her world had fallen apart

Her father's carelessness and rage

Shattered her little heart


He was a blur as he ran throughout the house

Screaming, cussing loud and clear

She cried and hid, afraid of him

And everything she could hear


With tearful eyes, the scene replayed

She could not look away

She would forever watch door slam shut

And see her father drive away


That night the girl she used to be

Died with her childish dreams

That night she learned life's hardest lesson

Nothing is ever as it seems


Time passed on and she grew cold

And bitterness devoured her

She had sunk into a great despair

For that, there was no cure


Isolated from the world

She felt so scared and sad

She missed the way things used to be

When it was just her and dad


Years passed and things grew only worse

Till she could stand no more

She packed her back and left a note

Then headed toward the door


Screams and shouts erupted

From the upstairs floor

The girl had lost, that much she knew

She would stand for no more


She locked herself within her room

And cried a sea of tears

Within the confines of those four walls

She realized her worse fears


Six long years passed by this way

Before a light broke through the dark

He thawed her heart and made her smile

It was here he left his mark


Slowly her heart defrosted

And began to softly beat

He pulled her from her own rock bottom

And helped her to her feet


Not once did he judge her

Or belittle her in any way

He simply told her all the things

That no one else would say


Never did he leave her side

Never was he not there

Although she never saw him

She could see that he cared


Her world has been turned rightside up

But how long can that last?

She knew he cared and would never leave

But she was haunted by her past


Could she ever leave behind

All the terror of that night

Or must she forever live

With that constant fright?


He knew just what it was she faced

It's clear he understood

And even once he knew her tale

Beside her he still stood


She still knows not why he stays

But she is grateful for his love

She returns it as best she can

For it is not in her to love


Her heart had long forgotten

How to love and care

But once he walked into her life

It started to repair


Who can say what made him stay

What made him start to care

All she knows is what has been

And that, for now, he's there


This simple thought is quite enough

To make the poor girl smile

She's not alone nor will she ever be

When life throws her another trial

© 2011 ~ Czarina Iris ~

Author's Note

~ Czarina Iris ~
Basically a sum of my life from birth to present day. I'm skippingover all that is unimportant and focusing on what really made an impact in my life.
It's hard to imagine that so much has happened in my sixteen years, the breaking up of a family, a four year long depression, an attempt to run away, it's almost unbelievable. And so much more is still to happen, but what is the question.
At time I wish I had a crystal ball that could show me the consequences of my actions and the desisions I make will land me. I sometimes wish that I could see exactly what path I should follow and that I could forget my past and move on.
Something good did come from everything that I've been through. He is everything to me, he is the comforting hand that keeps me from sinking into the sea of despair, he is the reason that I can wake up and face the day knowing how trying it will be. I don't know where I would be without him <3

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Wow. As a story this was heart breaking, and as a poem it was superb. In structure, flow, rhythm--really nice. Good work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 17, 2011
Last Updated on May 18, 2011
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~ Czarina Iris ~
~ Czarina Iris ~

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