Chapter One: The dress

Chapter One: The dress

A Chapter by Fernando91

K.R Manns meets a shady character in a park.

A blue eyed man overlooked Blaze river, a large body of water that flowed through the heart of the city of New Harmony. He was at Geller´s Bridge, One of the ten great bridge´s the city had. It was sunset. And the information he had gotten was golden. He had just gotten together an hour previous with a man called Walter ´eyes´ Forster. He was a black man, with a large frame and a blue collar wit, He didn´t hesitate in putting Ricky Garone out to pasture. Ricky Garone was a capo with the Tomassimos, one of the big Italian family´s running New Harmony´s underworld. They had a long and bloody history of murders, blackmailing, and white collar crimes most con artists would ever dream of accomplishing. Nobody in town was as crazy to cross them. Except K.R Mann. Mann recalled his meeting with Eyes.
 It was at Donner´s park that same evening. About 6 oclock in the evening to be precise. It seemed the day didn´t know what it wanted to be when they met. The sun was out, but it continued to be covered by the ever glooming mantle of grey clouds, which now and then threatened rain upon the inhabitants of New Harmony. Mann sat at a park bench, drinking mineral water. He wore dark tan pants, black shoes, and a white dress shirt, accompanied by a dark blue tie and a dark sports jacket. He had three day stubble, and his dark, short hair was combed back neatly, leaving a comma of hair above his eye. He has a long nose and, by what women had told him, a very kissable mouth. 
Eyes sat two spaces beside him. He knew they might be under surveillance. ´So...what you got for me Eyes? everyone knows you´ve been muscle for Garone for a while now. Been making deals with lots of bad people. And someone tipped me off, something about you knowing the whereabouts of Francesco Matta´s missing daughter. I don´t want half of Cuba´s gangsters showing up on these streets, things are bad enough as it is. So talk to me.´ Mann knew Garone had been treating Eyes like a piece of garbage for a while now. He was an old school Italian, and he constantley used racial slurs when referring to Eyes and his gang. Eyes didn´t have any loyalty to Garone or the Tomassimo´s, and Mann knew this. Seeing as everyone else under the employment of Garone and the Tomassimo´s had their mouths sewn shut, he had to look for an employee who had a grudge against him and was dull enough to sell him out. And that scapegoat was Eyes.
  Eyes wore a worn out old blue shirt and blue jeans. The man looked tired and weary, most probably from the drink. ´You ain´t a cop right? the boys on the street say your a private investigator. Thought that s**t was just on TV and stuff. Anyway, I´ma tell you what I know, but I don´t want any of this s**t coming back to me you understand? ´. Eyes tries to be intimidating, but Mann knew he was scared of Garone. And he knew he wasn´t safe until Garone was behind bars. ´Eyes, you and I both know I´m your only hope. An your mine. So let´s not kid each other into thinking we have a choice. We gotta think about what we have in common. Me and you aren´t very different. We both want Garone behind bars, and we both got alot to lose. My client´s a very powerful man, and if he doesn´t get his daughter back by this time next week, my life is gonna be in danger and there´s gonna be blood running in these streets like never before. And you, well, I understand you have a daughter´.
 This seemed to touch Eyes nerves. He gazed at Mann aggressively, and spoke through gritted teeth. ´Don´t you hurt her!´, he said, as he tightened his hand into a fist. ´She won´t have to worry about me.    I was a cop but even I ain´t that twisted. No, unless Garone´s behind bars, your not going to have a moment´s rest. Mobsters are gonna be chasing you and your little girl. You really think they don´t where she lives? you´ve killed for these men Eyes, you know how they do business´. Eyes looked at Mann with a look of resignation. He was going to tell him everything. But if there was one thing Kenneth Ray Mann hated, it was lying to a man when that man was being completely sincere to him.
 Unfortunatley, Eyes  signed his death sentence the moment he decided to meet with Mann. If Garone ended locked up, the Tomassimo´s would know about it and they would only take days to find out who talked. They would whack everyone responsible for their capo going down, while Mann would be the only incognito and would end up alive, scott free. But it was either this, or his client, Francisco Matta, a Cuban gangster, would bring a militia of men from the island to tear the city to shreds looking for Isidora, the Cuban´s kidnapped daughter. The only lead he had was Garone, and Mann still had contacts at the police department who could get him to confess where the Tomassimmo´s were holding her. Why one of the most powerful mobs in New Harmony kidnapped a Cuban gangster´s daughter was something he would have to piece together to bring the girl back to Matta, and he was being paid a handsome amount of money to do it. But he needed what Eyes was going to tell him. Cause without the information this plain, dumb street thug knew, he was lost, like an abandoned puppy on a cold winters night.
 ´Alright man, just make sure you put that monster in a cage man. I kill goons when he tells me to but I don´ go threatening lil´ kids. I don´t do that s**t.´ Well at least there was some morals in the criminals of this town, thought Mann. Eyes was the first one he had crossed paths with who demonstrated some sort of mercy.´Right man. We be Garone´s coldest killers man. We´ve put fools in the ground during stick ups, we´ve stole s**t, we even be threatening up some of them cats in the mayor´s office and s**t. But this time he offered us almost 10K for a job. M**********r never be offerin´ a brother that type of cash, he racist as s**t. Now I ain´t the smartest of our crew, but John boy, one of my homies knew somethin was up. That n***a´s cunning man, he asked Garone´s boys details on the job. Now regularly these fools don´t tell us s**t, we just shoot some cats and tha´s it. But this time, they told us we needed to stick up some Russian cats at the city docks, and we´d be aided by some of his boys. I didn´t know what they´d be bringing in, but 10K buy alotta dope, and I was into that s**t when I heard about it. So me and ma boys went along. We guarded them docks and some Russians were there, with a girl. There was also some cat speakin Spanish. Anyway we jumped them, took all the s**t they had stashed in some vans, and we disappeared man. I heard them Italian dudes talk about taking her to some cat named Pauly. And I heard them talk about some s**t called Necra-Necro, I dunno some weird chemical s**t. At first I thought this m**********r was just insulting us again, callin´ us negroes and such, but John boy told me it was some chemical s**t.´
 ´Anyway, they started talking in Italian, after they saw me tryin to listen and s**t. But I heard the words Honey Doll´s, and the city´s abandoned power plant man.´ Mann looked at him. ´Did you hear anything about Marone?´, he asked. ´That motherfuckin Guido got his print´s all over the girls dress man. He was there when we dropped the girl off at some restaurant these m***********s own downtown. Touchin´ her and s**t. Copped a few feels and s**t, with his girl right beside him, sleazy f****r. Anyway, he said ''burn the dress negroe and I´ll throw in a couple hundred''. Racist m***********s like that make me sick man, makes me want to put a bullet through´em. But he was paying me over 10K. I wouldn´t work for him again. And then John boy told me to keep the dress, and that we´d f**k over these Guidos. The next week, Garone ordered a hit on John boy, and lil Ty, and I found Leroy and shorts, my other brother´s dead. They onto us man. But with the dress you can take that m**********r in. Now I told you all I know man, just put that b*****d behind bars!´.
 Eyes was scared. Mann saw a fear in his eyes, something he was used to seeing in criminals. But he couldn´t help but feel sorry for him. Once they find out Garone is locked up, he would be dead. And there was nothing he could do. The greater good mann, the greater good. A few street thugs are better dead than dozens of innocents. He was avoiding the possible bloodshed. ´I´m gonna put Garone behind bars Eyes. Take this. Take your little girl and head out of town, you don´t want anybody to find you when that dress shows up´. Eyes nodded. ´The dress is in my apartment in the Belvedere projects. Under the bed. You get that and you got Garone. Take care man.´ Eyes stood and left. He had his lead. At the cost of a foolish criminal´s life, and that of his innocent daughter´s. But there wasn´t anything he could do, only move on. Mann was at the bridge, just overlooking the sunset. It was getting dark. He had no time to think of Eyes´ fate. He had to get that dress, before someone else thought of going after it. He had to find that girl.

© 2012 Fernando91

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Like this genre, I read many years ago a lot of Raymond Chandler and all kinds of crime and gangster fiction. A good story from a good writer, I would as Emma suggested put the dialogue in new paragraphs. I`ll be following this with interest.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I am a sucker for anything "Mob" related. This is good. I agree with Emma Joy and her suggestions though. Excellent beginning! Good luck and give me a read request when the next chapter is ready.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Don't usually read stories of this genre but was quite quickly drawn in by the characters and clearly given details of a life completely foreign to me. There's a good feeling of atmosphere and place, as well as enough detail to sink a boat or two. A bewildering amount of characters but some more than interesting.

There are typos plus the dialogue is lost, needs to be separate from the descriptive areas. Plus extra dialogue would break up the rather long paragraphs eg. no 7.- there has to be light and shade, don't you think.

Will be back for more. Am a slow reviewer so sincere apologies for delays.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Criminals are definitely cowards. I dig it Fernando, keep scribblin'.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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