Chapter Two: The Blue Whistle

Chapter Two: The Blue Whistle

A Chapter by Fernando91

K.R Manns follows his instinct and continues his investigation...

K.R Manns knew he´d been followed. He saw the figure walk past him on the bridge, saw his dark vehicle two cars behind him on Obsid Avenue in downtown, and he decided it was best not to head over to the Belvedere projects straight away. He knew someone who could help. Someone who could grab the chump who so carelessly tried to follow Manns undetected. The Tomassimo's guys were pro's, it wasn't like them to get someone sloppy like this guy. It was now night in the big city, towering buildings lit up like christmas trees as Manns looked at them through his windows. The modern publicity, the business sectors of New Harmony were a spectacle to look at, the pinnacle of modernity.  About ten minutes passed as Manns continued to drive through the city, and the skyline changed significantly.
 Broken down old buildings replaced the modern towers a few minutes back. Bums lined up every street corner, alongside the occasional hooker. About four blocks down, in the old Irish neighbourhood, Manns reached a shady looking joint. 'The blue whistle'. Manns made sure to not get out of the car until he made sure that his unwanted admirer had gotten close enough to see where he was going to head. When the black car parked three spaces behind Manns, he got out, lit a cigarette and headed inside. Manns walked inside the dimly lit strip bar. There were no neon lights, apparently it was too high maintenance for the place. Middle aged men and old wealthy fiends who couldn´t keep their sexual appetites out of the ghuetto decorated the place, while young scantily clad and naked women danced around for them. These were the kind of places a man with a decent living and something worth giving a damn about in life avoid. The girls were all foreign, victims of European human trafficking no doubt.
 Manns went to the back of the shady place, where the dancers all changed clothes. A large white man in a green T shirt and tatoos on his arms stopped him. ´Where d'ya think your going boy?´, asked the tough man. The bouncers in the club were all criminals, moonlighting as guards to earn favors with the local Irish mob. ´I'm here to see Regina. Tell her it's Kenneth, and I need help quick´. ´The f**k you think you are Boy'o?´, asked the bouncer aggresivley, lightly shoving Manns. ´I don't need to explain myself to lowlives like you pal´. The bouncer looked furious. He was about to throw a hay maker,  and Manns had quickly adopted a defensive position, when he heard it. ´Wait you idiot!´. A thin woman with dark hair, and a sunken face appeared. She was a young woman, though the condition drugs and booze had left it in would suggest otherwise. ´This is the last time this happens Mike, next time,your out!´, she exclaimed furiously at the bouncer. ´Sit in a corner Michael, the adults need to talk´, smirked Manns. ´Com to the back handsome, I have two guards watching my back´. Manns walked down the cramped hallway, passing in between the dancers who were coming in and out of the dressing rooms. Manns could tell that these girls were almost all heroin addicts. 
They reached a room in the back. It had a table, with large amounts of money(for laundering) a few chairs and a pot of coffee. The cheap, solitary light bulb dimly lit the cold, humid room. They both took a seat and two guards entered with them. They both carried weapons. ´What brings you to these neck of the woods there Kenny? I knew your life has been in the shitter lately, but with your holier than thou attitude, didn't think you'd be interested in anything I have to offer here´. Regina had been a prostitue since her early days. Her first arrest had been by Mann and his brother. After becoming a repeat offender, they casually got to know each other after a number of years, this bond intensifying when Mann would see her getting harassed or manhandled by drunk customers and stopping them. Now she owned this place. Her long hours and endless patience paid off, since she didn´t rent out her own body anymore.
 ´I haven't changed my stance. Good cop at heart even if they did do a number on my career. But I've got bigger problems. I'm working a case, and some fool seems to be following me. It's big, involving some major fish.´ Regina glanced at him, worried. ´Now before you get your pretty little face any more wrinkled, the guy's an amateur, which means he doesn't work for anybody big. Just a two bit thug. But I need to know why he´s following me. I lured him into your club, and I need your boys to bring him back here so I can ask him a few questions´. Regina smiled. ´You clever little man you.´ ´He's wearing a black silk suit with a white shirt. And a dark hat. ´ Manns gave the description to the guards, and they left the room. After a few moments of chit chat with Regina, The door smashed open and a flailing man with a black bag on his head was held by the two guards. Manns stood up, closed the door, and removed the bag. He looked the man straight in the eyes. ´We should talk. Have a seat´.

© 2012 Fernando91

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I had to read prev.chapters to follow-up with the story.Interesting piece of writing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 26, 2012
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