Killing the evil that I once was

Killing the evil that I once was

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

Everyone has an evil side, but what is you were face to face with what you were, was, are? How would you feel? how would you react? Could you handle the truth of evil that lurks inside your very soul?

Confusion struck me, as everything got dark again, I feel like I am falling, darkness covering me, no ground in sight. Help-am I? Can I be…? I never get a chance to put everything together as pictures, images of a life started to flash around me. Different ages and places. Then blood, it was all I could see, the red blood stained those pictures and ran down the walls I never knew existed.
Years flew by around me, blood seemed to cover it all. Those pictures disapeared as I closed my eyes trying to ignore as I fell, where was I, lost? I felt a sharp pain, floor. My eyes opened quickly as I gasped for hair, my body doing a small bounce, I hit so hard, blackness was still around me as I found myself unable to move.
Finally, my body unlocked, as I sat up the floor under me seemed to light up, I knew it was a dream, but what… I blinked, once, just once and I was surrounded by people, girls, they all looked the same, different ages, but the same. They seemed to circle me. The first was a young girl. Two or three she stood there with a smile as she held out her hand to me. should I take it? no I couldn’t, because next thing I knew there she was, her cloths covered in blood, a sword in her hand as she looked up and me with angry eyes, but the same smile.
The next was five maybe six, she started out the same as the younger girl standing next to her, she had a smile, happiness and then, blood, sword, evil eyes. I found myself shaking as they all circled me starting happy then becoming evil, two sides; one person it seemed, that person, me? Confused, I slowly stood up and looked at them, it seemed they circled quicker, now they did not change, they stood there with their swords, and blood hand. It was too much, I felt sick, dizzy, No, no stop. I tried to yell for them to stop, go away, but my mouth only opened and mouthed the words, my voice gone.
My hands went over my head, grabbing onto my hair as I fell to my knees. I found myself breathing heavily, bad dream, bad dream… that is all it is, a nightmare. I had to ignore, think happy, happy, the floor lightened, then dark again, for once I was glad for darkness. I looked up slowly, seeing feet, bare, but only one pair. My eyes went up the figure; the light was shined on that one person, as if a spotlight under the floor was upon that person. Blood, I didn’t notice at first, but a puddle under the bare feet, My eyes went up the bare legs, as I watched blood ran down them, sickening.
A dirty torn dress covered the figures knees, blood covered that as well, the then hands on her side dripped with blood. Finally, the face, her head cocked to the side, a smile. My eyes were wide as I looked at-myself, there I was. A snicker, she laughed as she looked at me. Her feet lifted, thought I was locked on her bloodthirsty eyes, evil, evil, me, no it is not, it is not, and it cannot be. She walked toward me, but I could not move, trapped. “Afraid, aw, you’re afraid of what you are” I heard her call to me.
No, “I’m not you, not anymore…” I yelled at the person coming toward me, finally I had a bit of confidence, yet I was still stuck there, unable to move. Though I had yelled out, my body had not stopped shaking, what I said did not even seem to get to her. In fact, I yelling just made her smile bigger, as she kept walking toward me. Then without warning, a sword appeared in her hand as she started running toward me. Somehow, I lifted my foot and was able to take a step back, but it did not hold. She held the sword straight out at me, she was going to go herself, myself, me.
She ran with her smile as her sword came at me, it seemed so slow, but I could not move. So close, the blade disappeared, pain, blackness, blurriness. I coughed blood. I breathed heavily. The sword went through my stomach, how did I miss it? She looked right at me, her smile still there as she moved the hair from in front of my right ear and put her chin on my shoulder as I tried to keep alive. “You're not me… I am you, I’ll always be a part of you, you can’t just forget,” She whispered and then something odd. She pulled away from and looked in my eyes, I looked back.
Next thing I knew I found myself staring at a clean face, my face, I was her, she, and she was I. I went to pull away, but she grabbed my right hand, put it under hers on the sword blade. Then she pushed the sword into her stomach, my stomach, I was killing myself, no. Her smile was there and then finally faded as her, my, our eyes closed, I let go on the sword and backed away quickly the words she had said stuck in her, my, someone’s head. I looked at my shaking hands, blood. My eyes became blurry, and then everything became dark again.

@all rights reserved by Ashley.M.E.

© 2010 Ashley.M.E

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Excellent, excellent job Ashley! This is wonderful! Probably one of your best pieces, too! There were a few grammar and splling mistakes that I picked up on, but other than that it was beautiful!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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This is a very unique style of writing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

************************************************* All Star Writer **********************************

WOW... Holy Cow Ashley! If you write like this now. Look out world! I imagine you will be signing contracts and long lines, of fans at waiting book openings. Kiddo, your a built on writer. I believe your profile at this point 100%, listen. Words can not describe the excitement, in your turn a rounds here. The building mysteries pilling up upon themselves, and revealing..?, in a short story of this duration, is a wonder... and, as a writer...

I have to say... A major accomplishment... I sincerely commend you. Bravo!
A Resounding Ovation: 'clap' 'clap' 'clap' Awesome...

I'm a professional working writer, we work from Out Post & Creative Standard Productions, for music and writer promotion. Romonx Associated Artists, is a premise we are working toward in a Web- Domain Where I am Romon in Review. I will contact you, and ask. If you would post features, on our site. End of Review Ashley... not much I can add, to what is perfect?

This piece is beyond great and look forward to studying more, of your talent. I believe, that your future. Is exceedingly bright! You have an Agent? Send me a post ok... seriously. Rory cj Frankson, Executive Director Romonx Associated Ltd. You are a major talent and need to be recognized.
As a Youth Writer...

With Dyslexia, you are an example to the world and an inspiration. To those that suffer this disorder. Our site is about support for Artists, representing a desire for World Peace and living examples of creativity. What Mankind...
Can be. In Representative Art.

********************************************************************* Awesome **********************

Romon in Review 17/06/10. 1:31am. Quesnel BC CANADA. Write On / Right On, Ro...

Posted 11 Years Ago

It was really captivating, sort of grabbed me from the very beginning.
It wasn't a perfectly flowing piece of work, but very good nonetheless! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

this is awesome and i love it keeep it up

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great story! I suggested you read through a couple of more times and edit all the grammatical mistakes. At times the grammatical construction and the wording interrupted the flow of the dialogue, which made it confusing for the reader.

Other than that, I enjoyed reading this, very creative. Sadly reflects my own dreams.. Hahaha, but great write, thanks for sharing:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was a great mental piece of ink. It's one that makes you wonder just what is on the otherside of the mirror. You've got a great handle on description with your ink and bringing the scene to life. There were a few sentences that might read better with a comma in them... But that's a subjective opinion. :)
(Second to the last paragraph.) "You" might have sounded better as "Your" (In the dialog line.)

Once again, Great feeling in your work. It captures the reader!
Aaron Wolfie Maycroft

Posted 11 Years Ago

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