The lies I was told

The lies I was told

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

What do you do,your whole life a lie?Fighting for what you thought was right, no;you knew it was wrong,but you done it because you believed in your father,the biggest liar of them all.


In the dark corners of the world I cogitate, there is love, there is hate, and there are emotions, cold, and bitter, unknown. I find myself alone, hollow, men fooled by Pulchritude, a tiny waist, a kind smile and a perfect lie. I sit here cogitated on how that was once me, the liar, the player, the fool. Where is he now, the man who saved me from the hardship I put on myself, the pain that I feel, no more, he lied, they all lied.

“Why?” Arinicia cried out as she looked down at her father.

“He’s lying to you, why I would kill my own wife to make my daughter into a cold blooded killer” The old man cocked a smile as he opened his arms hoping she would drop the gun.

“You didn’t kill your wife to turn her into anything, your killed you wife to keep her from living you, you basterd. Please believe me Arinicia, I never meant to hurt you” James yelled as he lowered his sword.

Never meant to hurt her, he left her. Prom all those years ago, the memories came back hauntingly. “Arinicia, I have something for you” James Searched the pockets of his dress pants and shirt franticly. “Darn I think I left it in the car, I’ll be right back” He looked up at her with a goofy smile and poked her nose before turning and running out of the gym.

“You didn’t return… You left me, then how do I know you will not lie to me now?”

“I didn’t leave…” James said in a sad tone as he turned and looked up at her father with angry eyes as he lifted his bloody sword toward her father. There they stood in a pool of blood, inside the small café on one of the most quiets streets in New York. “Your father was hoping I’d leave the dance and head to my car, when I went outside to grab your gift your father’s men took me and tied me up… threatened me, beat me… They made sure I’d never see you again” His voice shuddered as he held back the tears of what had happened to him that night.

“Now, now why would I do that, why would I want my only daughter to not be happy?”

“Shut up” Arinicia yelled her eyes filling with tears, the first emotion she had shown for years, ever since that dance. She has been killing, doing everything her father wanted manipulating people, gaining there trust and then killing them. It was true, she was good at what she done, but this was the first true emotion, something not staged since she found herself alone that night. She turned the gun from one to the other. “Why should I believe either of you?” She yelled.

James was about the take a step toward her, but stopped. There was no use getting through to her now. “You didn’t want her to be happy… you seen what happened to her as a child after her mother died, how her heart became cold, now she hated everything… when she meet me her heart wasn’t cold anymore. Arinicia, you stopped killing when you meet me did not you? That’s why your father wantedme out of the picture” He looked over at Arinicia. “You told me you killed your dog not long after your mother died? You were only eight and you took a life, because the dog wanted to be close to you… Your father seen that, he seen the potential in you, that you could kill and not feel, your happiness was drained” He looked back at her father.

Arinicia shook her head, she thought those were her mores she did not know how to be anything else. This was she, a killer. “You… you could have told me so many times… five years ago you joined us under a fake name… why didn’t you tell me then you liar… You could have told me so many times… Why didn’t” Arinicia found herself yelling her eyes blurry, but she was caught off.

“I wasn’t able to… damn it, the one time I got you alone you set me up… Your father told you whom I was that I was spying on your organization and had you try to kill me… I was going to tell you that night… when I, you and my friend Griffin were partnered for a mission, but then you shot and killed Griffin did not you? Do you remember that of not, you killed my friend” He yelled and then took a moment and looked back at her. “I wasn’t able to… I had to run or you would have killed me too, if I would have told you around all your father's people I would have been killed” James looked over at her. “I never meant to hurt you”

“Damn it well you shut up, you liar, Arinicia, sweetie he is only trying to trick you… Why would he still care about someone who shot his best friend?” Her father looked over at Arinicia, she realized where she got her good acting from, and her father could tell she was not buying it. He pulled a gun out of his jacket and pointed it at James.

“No” Arinicia yelled as she lifted the gun and without thinking pulled the trigger shooting her father directly in the head, but it was too late, he had already made his shot. Arinicia threw the gun away as she ran toward James who was clutching his chest. Arinicia slid on her knees on the bloody ground just in time to catch his head before it could hit the ground.

“Arinicia,” he chocked up. She shook her head as a means to get him to stop talking. She put her hand on his wound, she noticed from her teachings of the human body that the shot had missed his heart by being a little to the left. Still the wound was bad the amount of blood made it seem like it would never clot.

James grabbed her hand. “I’m sorry… I wish I could have stopped it… I… when I was strong enough you were too far gone...”

“Stop talking… just be quiet… I will stop it I promise… “Arinicia bit her lip as she pulled her hand away and put it back on the wound. She hated herself, for allowing her father and his men to come… How had this happened? Why? She cried as she thought about it.

It was her fault, if she would have noticed he was the CIA agent who was talking with an x member of MMC that day none of this would have happened, but she was too focused that day. She had to get the files that the X-member was going to give him and after that, she just wanted to kill him. She tried many things, getting close to him trying to get her men to kill him well looking like an innocent girl.

“Arinicia… I… I was going to give you this at the restaurant… but then you put all those men on me…” He reached into his pocket with a shacking hand and pulled out a small box. “I’ve been trying to give you this since the dance, but I was never able to” He coughed out. His vision was growing blurry as he smiled up at her. He held the box out to her and slowly she took it.

She opened the box and pulled out a long gold chain a heart shaped locket was on the end of it. Slowly she opened it, there it was. On one side a picture of her and him, her long black hair was in a ponytail as if it was now and his shaggy black hair not brushed, they have not changed one bit. On the other side was a picture of her mother, she smiled at the locket and closed it tight in her hand. Slowly she put the locket around her neck and looked down at him.

His eyes closed, he was gone, he had spent half his life trying to tell her the truth, and now, now, she was not his Onus. She stood up and grabbed the gun she had thrown, everything she knew was a lie and the only good she had, had died, she didn’t want to be alone so, with the sounds of sirens outside the café shot killed one last time, this time for love, and to never be alone.


@All rights reserved by Ashley.M.E.

© 2010 Ashley.M.E

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Agatha Christie

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I love this. I litereally clung to every word. It's beautiful. A truely wonderful story. (:

Posted 13 Years Ago

Gripping story. Makes me want to read more. Bittersweet ending. She is finally away from all the lies. No one can hurt her again. Love it! Keep it up!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Awww. This is a really good story, like, beyond awesome. This is...the ending is so sad... But anyways, this is epic. I really like it.

Posted 14 Years Ago

love it and it is awesome keeeep it up

Posted 14 Years Ago

I loved this one! It was filled with an intensity that gripped and pulled, never leaving the reader giving pause.
Two things... in Paragraph one... It should be "Cogitating"
And you don't need a comma before the word "And"

You're characters are unique and full of a refreshing brand of personality which is enjoyable.

Aaron Wolfie Maycroft

Posted 14 Years Ago

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