my report on global warming

my report on global warming

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

I know some of you believe in this, but to me it isn't true. I made this for school and figured why not post it on here.

Do you know the truth?
Global Warming
            Global warming is not a fight between the ozone layer and pollution. It has become more of a political issue than anything, and it is taking away from what Global warming is or is not supposed to be. It has become about money, control, and more or less a bunch of statements and opinions. The true truth of what Global warming is supposed to be is mostly unknown. With so many different opinions about global warming, it is hard to believe what people say about it, and/or trust what is being said. There are seemingly little facts that state global warming is the main cause for the earth heating, ice melting, or anything else taking place on earth. Evidence that human pollution has caused such a dramatic change in the ozone has not been tested or rightly proven. We have mostly been told what changes have been occurring, not evidence of how the changes have come about. The world has changed multiple times in the past. Rivers have dried up, ice has melted and reformed many times in the past and glaciers have formed. That earth does not stay the same. It is a basic part of life for the climate to change.
            You have most likely heard that global warming has been affecting our weather and temperature. Scientists use graphs to prove this. This is not the main cause according to the American Policy Center “Weather does what it wants.” (United Nations/There is No Global Warming). We do not control weather, even if we have affected our ozone layer. If you have ever seen a weather graph, then you would see that the weather is not constant. Weather as most know is different all over the world. All the weather graphs made that average the all around temperature never match up. The scientists that state the world is heating up can easily find a place in the world, one place that proves their theories. A graph though is just a piece of paper with points, bars and numbers. More or less stated by the American Policy Center, Two kinds of scientists those who look at the facts and judgments on what they know and those who create data to go with the outcome they want. Those who do this, usually have a political agenda who demand desired outcomes for their money.” (United Nations/There is No Global Warming). Graphs can be changed to match what “they”, whoever “they” are wants it to prove. You see Graph A by Wood Hole Research Center (Scientific Evidence). That is just going up; you see this graph and directly think. “Wow what a high jump in temperature in such a short few years. You think that it is unnatural; something is wrong” Look closer at the graph. Look at the two techniques and One place they had taken these results from “CO2 concentration from Mauna Lao Observations and Antarctic Ice Core” This states that they took this large jump from two different study techniques in one place… the Antarctic. Then the scientists will try to convince you that this is happening all over the world. So then without looking at all the places, just a glance at the graph and someone will try to tell you. This is what we are doing to the planet. We are making this temperature rise. The scientists that say this never once state this is what we are doing to the Antarctic. The only place they show a graph of, they always state the whole world. So as you see in this graph, true or not, it states the temperature it rising, well American Policy Center believes “Satellites and balloon measurements show slight cooling of about .037 degrees Celsius”, (United Nations/There is No Global Warming).
            Why don’t these tests seem to match? Perhaps they were tested in different places in the world. Scientists are not weather man, they don’t know the weather. Glenn Beck, who has his own show on the news fox channel talks with John Coleman about global warming. “You got to make a living; you spend ten years becoming a PHD in neurology… then decide to study the effect of human activity on global climate… Put a report that said that it doesn’t seem too bad, you probably wasted all your ten years… So they made up information, because of money” (Glenn Beck: Global Warming greatest scam in history). A weather man stated that the climate isn’t changing, A man who has gone to school just to study the habits and weather patterns. If he knew something was happening to the weather he would be the first to know. If you look at graph B you will see what another scientist or group of scientists believe. Graph B made by Andrew Bolt (Graph "proof" of no global warming!!!! ) Shows that global warming stopped in 1998. Still this graph cannot be taken literally; there was no proof of how they got all this information. Out of all these graphs, none show enough proof to show that global warming is the cause for what they say is the world heating up. Out of all the graphs one stands out was Graph C by Christopher R. Scotese (CLIMATE HISTORY) this states that we are in a cooling period of time. This is not the only information going with this cooling period that I have found Tom Brokaw said, 1,000 years ago, also known as the little ice age. “More than half of the climate-altering volcanic eruptions… all of which may have acted like coolers to an already cool climate.” (Climate Change History). This was predicted to have almost whipped out the human race. This was not because of climate change, in fact it is said to have been a volcano. Out of all the information the has been gathered there was no scientific evidence relating global warming and human pollution or even the world over heating, nothing matched up.
            Humans are said to be the cause of pollution that is hurting/supposedly hurting the ozone layer. They blame the burning of fossil fuels and forest fires (human started). They state that our use of everyday things is drastically changing our world. It had been proven that pollution from everything does have the power to change the world around us. Though what we do now is not enough to completely destroy the ozone. In fact volcanoes and lightening naturally cause pollution. They have been before human kind had existed. Before blaming all the pollution on humans, read the facts. Marie Edmonds “Volcanoes emit around 100,000,000 tones of CO2 a year,” (The naked scientists). Add this to the billions of years the earth has been around estimated to be 4.55 billion years. It is a fact that CO2 hangs around in the atmosphere for 100 years. So we have 100,000,000 tones and more every year blocking the sun, eating away at our ozone and have been for 4.55 billion years. Do not let this fool you because some CO2 is a good thing, we need it to keep our ozone, even though it supposedly eats away at it. Though there are more things then volcanoes that send out pollution. Lightening plays a role. If you have ever heard the story of the caveman discovering fire it was from lightening hitting a tree. Lightening had struck forests and set them ablaze millions of time. Just like volcanoes, fire emits CO2. Volcanoes and lightning are two uncontrollable forces not created by mankind that gives out pollution. It is hard to believe people are blaming their own race. It’s even worse that there isn’t any solid proof of the ozone layer being damaged. In fact not all pollution actually heats up the world, some do the opposite as the usgs put it “The large explosive eruption of Mount Pinatubo on 15 June 1991 expelled 3-5 km3 of dacite magma and injected about 17 million tons of SO2 into the stratosphere. The sulfur aerosols resulted in a 0.5-0.6°C cooling of the Earth's surface in the Northern Hemisphere,” (Volcanic Gases and Their Effects). So not all pollution heats up are world. SO2 actually blocks the sun. In fact scientists predicted that dinosaurs may have become existent because of volcano fumes blocking the sun. Humans also give out pollution that cool down the planet. Even still, think of this we have been polluting for 1,000 or so years, let’s say 2,000, volcanoes billions. I mean the earth was once a ball of magma, so the atmosphere started in such a hot climate. When you think of that, remember that our Ozone layer is also gases/pollution along with water vapor. As CO2 creates a green house, SO2 blocks that sun. Out of everything in the past, over time the Ozone layer has always regulated itself.
How many years would it take us to reach the amount of pollution volcanoes give out, if they stopped exploding?
4,550,000,000(average age of the earth)
100,000,000 times 4,550,000,000 equal 45,500,000,000,000,000,000
10,000,000 times 2,000 equal 20,000,000,000
4,550,000,000 divide 2 (took out all the unneeded zeros before dividing)
2,275,000, divide 2 (took out unneeded zeros) (about how long we have been polluting)
So over all if volcanoes stopped polluting and we kept polluting at the rate we are today it would take us 1,137,500 years to reach that amount of pollution volcanoes have already given out.
            As I stated above the earth is always changing. The earth is most likely older then we can predict, but with science we can test different layers of earth. We use science to do more than tell how old the planet is. We tell what the climate was like in different places in times before records of such things were kept. There have been tests that in the past earth’s tilt, volcanoes, earth’s magnetic fields and the El Nino have all affected the climate over time. Earth tilt the very thing that makes our equator is said to have done a lot to our world’s climate U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Earth's tilt and precession affect the amount of sunlight received on the Earth's surface” (Past Climate Change). The amount of sun getting to earth, and in different areas where the rays directly hit could drastically alter the temperature of earth. In the past the earth’s tilt has changed and it can change again. As I told before volcanoes affect our world in different ways so does the magnet field. The magnetic field has been tests to cause changes in our climate. Discovery Channel "Our results show a strong correlation between the strength of the Earth's magnetic field and the amount of precipitation in the tropics.” (Earth's Magnetic Field Changes Climate). If you didn’t know precipitation makes up about 70 percent of the ozone layer, though it only hangs in the atmosphere a few hours. The earth would become over heated from the sun’s rays if there was precipitation. Then there is the El Nino, which is an ocean current. American Policy Center The El Nino a natural phenomenon that causes ocean temperatures to rise as tropical trade winds reverse for a time was said to be the cause of the recent severe weather.“ (There is No Global Warming). The El Nino is said to happen on an average of five years. It causes floods, droughts and other weather disturbances. All of which were being blamed on global warming. In my research I had never found scientific evidence on how global warming was the cause and not one of these four other scientifically proven theories. Through all the proven natural causes to all the things global warming is being blamed for.
            One of the other things scientists, politics, and the media are making global warming out to be would be species on earths and what pollution and climate change are doing to them. A lot of animals have become endangered or extinct. Many people are blaming climate change and pollution for these species losing their lives. Though it is a known fact that over billions of years on this planet that species have evolved and live on, as they adapt to the climate around them. This is one of the largest things you hear about, how global warming is effecting these animals’ climates we have all seen the commercials asking you to give money to a certain animal foundation. Does the money actually go to that animal? If it does how does it help them? From what I can see it is for money, not the animal. If not it’s most likely for a program that takes animals out of the wild. Out of everything it is mostly a deploy for money. When a species if endangered of going existent humans believe the best thing to do it take them out of a wild. This actually reduces the chance of an animal’s survival for a few reasons. One it takes them out of their natural habitat and they lose a lot of their instincts, such as hunting, protecting themselves from predator and natural birth. Also animals are less likely to give birth in captivity. When/If the animal gets released into the wild, if their home has undergo change in temperature or any other kind of climate change. The animal well be less likely to survive, since they are not given the chance to evolve with their natural climate. Maybe these changes are killing off species, but like always some we’ll survive and live on. When someone tries to tell you that global warming, which we cause kill animals they well be half right. Our interferences in animals’ lives have affected their survival, but stating that global warming is the cause is plainly untrue.
            Though there may be a change going on in our atmosphere. The fact is we are being bombarded with Global warming in the media. Though it is odd that not all things about global warming fit together. Global warming is like a puzzle with missing pieces and pieces from another puzzle. The picture it makes well never be clear. It is difficult to believe, but most of the people pushing global warming are not scientists, but politics. In the United Stated we have the right to freedom. There is no low against pollution, yet. The government is trying to force such a law onto us, or finding other ways to do so. In fact American Policy Center says “To reduced energy standards will cost the United States over one million jobs estimate it will cost over seven million jobs in fourteen years, as many predict, it will cost even more jobs.”(There is No Global Warming). As the American Policy Center is telling the government is doing whatever they need. No matter on your or my approval to stop what isn’t even proven. I don’t know about you, but did we pass a law to give up our own jobs? On that note how is the government going to solve a problem as unpredictable and uncontrollable as our own atmosphere. Even with technology as the American Policy CenterTruth is computer models are able to put it include only two out of 14 components that make up the climate system.” (There is No Global Warming). We do not have enough technology to analyze every little thing. So the atmosphere cannot truly be predicted just like the weather isn’t one hundred percent. If you have noticed money is a large part of everyone’s lives. In fact there are many scams that we have fallen trap too, this is just another. There has been so much talk of the global warming epidemic that is known all over the world.
            The United Stated is the only ones taking Global Warming to such a strong degree, so strong that we are changing the way we live. They are comparing global warming to the economy. This is a waste, because in this moment of time, they seem to be failing in both. The U.S. has actually hurt them more because of global warming. The government is making it hard for companies to stay open. Giving business taxes on polluting which is making the price of goods sky rocket. American Policy Center told that “Every single product that is produced with the use of energy will increase in price. Including items like aspirin, contact lenses and tooth paste.”(There is No Global Warming). We are not saving any planet or animal doing this. Other places are just benefiting from our stupidity. The fact that we still buy these products from other countries that we could still be making in our own. Another country making these products does not stop the polluting or even cut the amount. The same amount of gas is going into the air the United States just isn’t the cause. American Policy Center “Undeveloped Third-World nations will be free to produce whatever they want. These will include China, India, Brazil and Mexico. And guess what? 82% of the projected emissions growth in coming years is from these countries.” (There is No Global Warming). All the United Stated is doing is paying another country for a good that they could still be making. If you think about it, how many leaders used the media for personal gain. The United Stated, at the American Policy Center put it “Use the same tactics of Adolph Hitler and the rhetoric of the Sierra Club.” (There is No Global Warming). This is telling us that The United States’ own government is trying to trick us. The truth is anyone can use propaganda to make you want to do something, it doesn’t mean what your doing is right. Before giving up your money make sure you know where your money is really going, because the governments not stuffing it into the ozone hole.
            Global warming is a large talked about topic, a topic that no one actually knows anything about. There is nothing to know, because it is not a real topic. There is no evidence that states that global warming is the reason for the changes being made. If the world is changing, there are multiple reasons of why it could be happening. Global warming is not a possibility. The earth and its atmosphere have a way of leveling itself out. In fact it is known facts that if there is more carbon in the world, more planets well grow to take in this large amount of carbon. So even planets well help. Scientist do not all agree that global warming is the cause and the government has no clue either. So before you start believing you should realize global warming is a theory, it’s not the truth.
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© 2012 Ashley.M.E

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It is quite silly to write about something that you claim 'no one has any idea about'. Upon reading your dissertation I walk away with little knowledge. To actually cite a current Fox News contributor is utterly laughable. Plus, PROOF READ! Come on people, its not that hard. One shouldn't make something so silly more preposterous with repeated bad grammar.

Posted 10 Years Ago

There is a lot of scientific facts to support the theory of global warming, that doesn't mean that the burning of fossil fuels will raise the temperature, but definitely we are raising the CO2 in the atmosphere and all the theories say that this will raise our average temperatures. I have personally studied this and have gone through the calculations and tried to think of factors that were left out, but I found none. I think we are causing major climate change by adding all the carbon dioxide to our atmosphere. I think you got off topic when you brought up the ozone layer and pollution in general. The excess CO2 in our atmosphere is a specific subject and much is known about it. It would be helpful to read some of those facts instead of relying on opinion, especially the opinion of politicians. The study of climate is very complicated but there is a lot of known facts. It is not true that this is "a topic that no one actually knows anything about." I feel your passion for this subject, but many facts are missing here. Thank you for sharing your writing on this subject.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Well, I am certain that with an imaginary thermometer that was delicate enough, we could have measured an increase in temperatures the night that Al Gore was getting his massage. We could have also measured an increase the night Tipper found out about it. That said, it is certain that the earth has always been increasing in temperature or declining for many of the reasons you mentioned in your well researched article. But to say that humans have no affect on the Earth’s temperature is a point that I must disagree with. Think back to your sixth grade science class and you will remember that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. Humans have recently caused a darkening of the Gulf of Mexico by poking holes in the multimillion year old seabed in search of oil. You humans certainly waste more of the world’s resources than any other animal and if you don’t do a better job of tending to her, Mother Earth may decide to pick another species to do it. I just hope she doesn’t pick Donkey!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Your passion for the topic shows in your ink. It was well researched and you placed your micro topics in a strong progression that leads the reader to help understand the overall subject.
I think I came across one or two spelling oopses but that was it.
You did good Ashley!

Posted 10 Years Ago

I think your last line sums it up perfectly. Global Warming is only a theory, not hard fact. I couldn't agree more. As for politicians, you bet they're trying to line their pockets by jumping on one side or the other of this topic. Money has become one of the greatest flaws effecting the world's political bodies.
You're report here has great merit. It shows us that the data being collected by the scientists are simply being handed over to groups of scholars that are part of the political machine. They will make out what ever they want to from the data and then call it the truth, which it is not.
I really enjoyed how you included the section about Earths age. This planet has seen much that we, the human species can't even concieve of. It has gone through many heating and cooling cycles over the many millions of years. Core drilling samples from the permanent ice pack, as well as samples from the sea floor crust shows us this.
What people see as change, is just that, change. It's something that the Earth has always been doing. Humanity lacks, not just the techonology, as you have said, but the ability to view the trends of the last millions of years or big picture.
Even if Global Warming was a viable working hypothesis. Any change we make now in polution outflow, wouldn't effect anything for hundreds of years, if at all.

From personal observations around the US, over the last 5 years. The weather is altering from what was considered normal through out the early parts of the 20th century. Storm's are more severe. The west and east coasts are seeing more extremes in preciptation and temperature ranges. The deserts of the American Southwest are greener than the've been since I first passed through them in 2004. Lake Shasta, in California is full to it's high water mark this year, which it hasn't even come close to being in the last 5 years. The Western coastal mountains, the Cascades, Siskious and Sierra-Nevada's are getting alot of precipitation, but none of it is adding or building onto the year round snowpacks or mountain glaciers. It's coming in as rain or snow that quickly melts off.
The same decline in Glacier ice is evident on a global level, as well as in the Antarctic and arctic ice flows.
While, it all may seem a drastic change, since earlier this century, it is not caused by anything we did as a human race.
However, it does effect us. It causes our food growing cycles to be adjusted, locations of where things are grown to be altered. It causes large dead zones at the mouths of major rivers and estuaries, where an over abundance of fresh water is pushing into the ocean's salt water.

My opinion is, that we as a human race need to stop pointing fingers at why the changes are occuring. Rather we need to be focussing on what we can do to survive what mother nature may throw at us.

The future is a guess at best. We do the best that we can to get ahead of it's curve ball.

This was a great essay Ashley! Thanks for sharing it!


Posted 10 Years Ago

i appreciate the work on reporting opposing views; i started reading it and believed yes, there is global warming, and then i kept reading and i - there is no global warming...but at the end of the day - what really matters is how we appreciate the earth and work as one...
the garbage you throw out is processed and we have to be thankful for that
but i do see the waste that goes into the oceans...the plastic bags = sea life choking
the world is interconnected; the oil spill continues to flow all over the ocean
weather the belief if there is global warming, if there is a God or if this is just all doesn't matter because we live on this earth...the same way a family lives in a home and has its chores to clean up the earth...the same way earth is our home and we are responsible for our garbage and clean up
we are all entitled for fresh air....
it is fact that disease and decay flourish where no care is evident.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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