Nothing is what it appears

Nothing is what it appears

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

“Get your a*s on the ground,” A cop came out of her cruiser, gun pointed to the brown 2010 Honda Accord Coupe V-6. The cop went up to the car with caution as she looked in at the driver, “Get out of the car,” She yelled.


The man inside was well known, he was on the FBI most wanted for the murder of a thirteen year old girl, today when Ms. Monroe was doing her patrol, this morning she pulled over the car for speeding, only ten miles above speed limited and a broken tail light.


Ms. Monroe was an undercover cop, but with the chase going on so long, seven hours to be exact, she was called onto the scene. In her unmarked, red car she speed a head, they had USB trucks block to highway, and this was so he had nowhere to go. It worked, not wanting to run into the empty SIMI trucks, the name stopped, but did not get out of his car.


Waiting for more cops to get behind her Ms. Monroe just held her gun to the man’s window, waiting. Slowly she reached for the door it was locked, figured. “Get your a*s out, you are surrounded, there is no place for you to go,” She yelled.


“Don’t need to curse,” She heard one of the male cops behind her. If she wasn't watching for the criminal to reach for the gun in the passenger seat, she would have turned around and said something.


“You have to the count of three before I shoot,” She yelled, almost as if he was a young child who would not clean his room. Ms. Monroe’s pale blue eyes narrowed as she stood there, the wind would have blew her short, shoulder high straight, dark brown hair, if she didn’t have it tied back into a pony tail. Her bangs and a bit of her side, hair was to short, so she had them pinned back with hair clippers. After all, the last thing you want as a cop is to block your vision.


She saw his hand, slightly he lifted his hand, before she could even start counting she shot. “He reached for the gun,” She yelled as she took the half step needed toward the window and broke the rest of it with her hand and gun. She reached in and grabbed the man, he was lucky she did not aim at his head, instead she let the bullet go right by him head and hit his hand.


She managed to push the gun onto the floor, than the man grabbed her cloths as she tried to find the unlock button finally she was able to hit the button. Pulled herself out of the car, half her shirt going off because it was in his hand, but she ended up opening the door, she hit the man in the head as hard as she could with the butt of the gun and he let go. She moved to the side as the other cops grabbed his and handcuffed him.


“You are crazy, Kerri,” One of the cops came up to her and grabbed her shoulder, “You could have gotten yourself killed, you know that,”


She shrugged off his hand and turned around, her eyes narrowed, “I didn’t see you doing anything, after all you called me in, so I knew this guy had to be big,” She turned away and looked down at her hands, “Damn it,” She muttered as she looked at the cuts on her hands and wrists on both hands. She took decided it was not a big deal as she put her gun in its holster on her right leg.


“Well I am going back to be an undercover agent, don’t call me again unless you really cannot handle it,” She sighed.


Getting into her little red car and looked around for something for her hands, finally in the back seat she found the first ad kit. She wrapped up her hands and moved her car out of park, since she did not have the time to turn it off before she jumped out of her car to stop the man from running.


Someone knocked on her window. She looked at the cop, another one whose name she had not cared to look at. She pushed the window down button, “What?” She asked the window only half down.


“You might want this,” He grabbed the red siren she had placed of the top of the car to show she was a cop, “Oh right, sorry,” She rolled her eyes as she let the window all the way down and grabbed the siren. She threw it into the passenger seat before backing up.


She made her way home; after all, she was off shift when they called her in, and since they knew she lived close by. “S**t, I am going to miss my date,” She hit the steering wheel as she went down the road, what was she going to say to Jack this time, seemed everything they were going to hang she got called to work.


They were not exactly dating. They were more of friends, and their date, was more of a jog around the park before hitting a nightclub, that she worked at, or at least that is what it seemed. She was there all the time looking for drunks, w****s, underage drinking, and anything that was well illegal. She would rather be selling drugs, she enjoyed tricking people and playing with them.


She was once a kidnapped woman, for a bank robbery, that they somehow knew was going to happen, so she was set up to be there, in the end she ended up shooting the man. She did not much like having a knife or gun shoved to her head or to her neck. When he was distracted by the cops, she took his gun and just shot him, was not much to it.


She was making her way to the park, now ten minutes late. Her cell phone started to go off. She looked over for a split second, so happy that she could talk to people right from her radio, still she had to push the damn button to confirm the call, which she did.


“Hello?” She said as she stopped at the longest red light in the county.


“Hey, where the heck are you, I’ve been waiting at the park for fifteen minuets?” It was Jake; his ever-charming voice chimed into the phone. His voice had a hint of impatient and want.


“I was called into a cop chase… ended up cutting my hands breaking in a car window, but yeah, I stopped a rapist and a murder, so I guess it was worth it, I’ll be there in five minuets… if this damn light will ever change,” Kerri told as she tapped the steering wheel with irritation.


“Hey, you know I don’t like hearing that pretty mouth say suck dirty words,” Jake and his usual charm had to chime in with everything that she said wrong, still she couldn’t help but smile. He must have been the only man who could get to her, which sucked since she could not see herself with him as of yet. It was clear he wanted her.


“Awe, Jake you really need a hobby,” She rolled her eyes as the light finally changed and she took off. She made her way to the park and quickly caught up with Jake, in exactly five minutes.


“Made it,” Jake said as he saw her coming up the sidewalk. He sat there on the wooden bench under a tree. Lifting his arm, he tapped his watch, which was confidently placed, on his left arm. It was to show that she got there in just the amount of time she said, though she already knew that.


“I told you I would make it, nothing like a car chase to get you in the mood to run, think you can beat me in your good shoes and suit, why can’t you ever dress naturally?” She walked over to him and put her hands on her hips as she bent down and put her face in his, maybe half a foot away from him.


“You think just because I wear a suit that I can’t beat you?” Jake stood up, she liked it better when he was sitting, after all, he was so much taller than she was, and with that, he believed he could kick her a*s, a great mistake. Since he was six feet two inches and she was only five feet seven inches.


Looking over his gray tuxedo and pants, with gray shoes she looked back up at him. Her light blue eyes were stuck on his dark ones, but she quickly looked away, after all, he was a dream, with his black slicked back hair and his layered look.


“Want to make a bet?” he bent down to be eye level, His face an inch and a half away from hers.


“Sure you are on, two times around the whole park, I’ll see you at the finish line,” Kerri crossed her arms over her chest. She tilted her head as she waited for his answer.


“You are so on,” He smiled, then without a second thought, he kissed her. Kerri’s eyes widened as she felt his hot smooth lips press against hers. She was waiting for a tongue, but she never got it. Instead, he tore away from her and started to run.


“You a*s,” She could not help but smile as she ran after him, once, twice around the large square park. She ended getting in front of him not even half way through the first run.


“I so beat you, you owe me something. She hit him in the arm as they walked,” She could not help but reach her hand out toward him, like a school girl on her first crush.


Still he just pulled his hand away and shook his head, “I’m not holding your hand Kerri, how about I buy you a drink?”


“K, fine, but holding my hand would have been free, we taking your car or mine?”


“Mine, I don’t need a reckless driver like yourself behind the wheel of my baby,” He smiled as he walked toward the parking lot and clicked the unlock button, he went to the passenger side door and opened it for him,


“For such an a*s you can be a real gentleman,” She walked passed him and got in the passenger seat.


“Don’t get used to it,” he winked as he closed the door and walked around to the driver’s side.


“What side?” She teased as she put on her seat belt and waited for him to start the car.


“You’ll most likely figure it out,” he shrugged as he started the car. Pulling out of the parking lot, they both stayed quiet for sometime. It would take twenty minuets to get to the nightclub.


Kerri sighed as she spent her time looking out the window; she pulled out her ponytail and clips. Tossing her hair from side to side the clips made her usually straight hair wavy and alive, perfect for the on coming night.


Jake’s phone started going off, Jake went to grab his phone, but Kerri beat him to it,


“Hello,” Kerri told into the phone.


“Give me that,” Jake reached over trying to grab the phone from Kerri’s hands.


“Hold on Mr. Greensher,” Kerri covered the phone as she glared at Jake, “No talking on the phone, now put both hands back on the wheel and look that way,” Kerri stuck her tongue out as she went back to the phone. “What you need, oh, you can’t tell me. Top-secret hu? Are you with a catering company or something, no? Oh,” Kerri talked onto the phone,


Finally, at a red light Jake reached over and grabbed the phone, “Hello, Mr. Greensher can we talk later? Thanks, bye.” Jake closed his old style flip phone and shoved it into his pocket. He started driving again, his eyes now not leaving the road.


“You don’t have to be so snatchy Jake. So tell me what is so top secret. Is it a surprise birthday party for me? You know my birthday is coming up,” She laughed as she looked back out the window.


“No, I mean, thought your profession was going to have the usual get together and then like always you will meet me after for drinks,” he headed turned into the parking lot and got out of the car. Kerri got herself out of the car. She heard Jake kick the lock button as they walked next to each other into the nightclub.


Walking into the dark room with flashing lights, their first stop the counters for drinks, “What do you want Kerri?” Jake asked, almost having to yell passed the booming music as he sat on the black leather covered stool.


“Just water, I have to stay sober, remember,” She looked at him as she sat right beside him.


“Fine, a water and a beer any kind works for me,” He turned to look at Kerri, he looked into her eyes for a second and Kerri could not help but wish as she leaned forward. Jake put his hand on her check, his hand going between her nose and the mole near her eye, “These lights really bring out the color in those blue eyes of yours,” He smiled at her.


She could not help, but lean her head against his hand. It was so warm and comforting as she enjoyed listening to his complement. “Hold on, close your eyes,” Jake whispered and carelessly Kerri obeyed she slowly perked up her natural dark red lips. To go with her thick tan, but was quickly disappointed as she felt his hand go under her eye and then he pulled away, even moving his hand from her cheek.


“There, you had an eyelash that was bothering me,” He told as he grabbed up the beer that the bartender just put down, though his eyes never left Kerri.


“Oh,” She frowned but quickly brought herself back as she took a drink of water, “Thanks I guess, you are really good at leading people on, you know that,” She glared at him.


“Oh, you wanted this didn’t you,” He smiled as he leaned in and kissed her, a patient loving his, his tongue slipping into her mouth, but it didn’t last long. Jake’s phone rang and they both jumped, he pulled away to grab his phone.


“Hello?” He said as he whipped his lips.


With frustration, Kerri turned and looked down at her water, her fingers whipping against the glass. Moving the moister, that was stuck on the glass.


“Can’t it wait? Why can’t it? Fine I will be there,” He clicked his phone closed and looked at Kerri and shook his head.


“I’m sorry… work,” He stood up and kissed her on the cheek, “Something came up, one of my co workers has gotten hurt and they need me, please forgive me,” Jake added.


“Well with all this over time, you should buy yourself a new phone to replace your old dinosaur,” She rolled her eyes as she grabbed her glass, that was the second time this week, and it was only Tuesday. Seemed his job kept him busy, though he never told him what he done.


“Why did you let her answer your phone?”


“It was simple, I was driving and she picked it up, please just tell me what happened?”


“Shoot out, Jerry died we were able to distort all the files on the computer and even burn up the gas station cover up, but I don’t know if I can do this anymore,”


“We are fine, just don’t worry about it.”


“How can I not? You are flirting with the enemy.”


“No, Kerri, she is a tough, smart cop, but she has nothing on me,”


“Just your heart, you love her and want to be with her. She up holds the law and you break it on a daily bases…You can not trick her forever, now get in your car and get your a*s down here.”


“And I end up with the bill and no ride home, great,” Kerri rolled her eyes as she paid for the drinks and sat alone at the bar for a while, she watched the people dancing and saw nothing out of the ordinary, she didn’t work this night anyway. It was a two mile walk back to her car, she better start now before it gets to late, so much to the gentle men.

© 2010 Ashley.M.E

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Cory Doctorow

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I agree the title fits the story but I felt this wasn't written well. I thought it was a lot of telling and the grammar and punctuations were bad. Read more books by professional authors and then re-read this out loud. I think it may help.

Posted 11 Years Ago

The title fits the story well. I think this was a good piece of writing :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Well, I didn't see that happening. Great story! I enjoyed your story.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Amazingly fun!
YOu're progressing well my dear.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Forgot to put this in. It would be cooler if you used the well known term for what you're basically trying to get it. Instead of "Nothing is what it appears" Why don't you try "Nothing is as it appears" It wouldn't do much, but it would have caught my interest a little bit more.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I actually liked it. It was creative to a point, I just want you to find new words to describe what you're trying to get us to picture, ya know? Go over it with spell check if you have to, there were a few mistakes, nothing too much. I can picture it in my head and its pretty addicting. Good Job.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Amazing story, I really love this.

Posted 11 Years Ago

“Get your a*s on the ground,” A cop came out of her cruiser, gun pointed to the brown 2010 Honda Accord Coupe V-6. The cop went up to the car with caution as she looked in at the driver, “Get out of the car,” She yelled.

~I would suggest that, instead of repeating what someone is over to use them as a speaking person, you use their descriptive instead so it doesn't sou.nd so hard. Like in the place ablove where you said 'A cop got out of her cruiser..' - then you said again 'The cop went to the car..' If use the word She, since you alread said it was a her and a cop, it will be less flat sounding as you read it.

Otherwise, I really like this story a lot and I agree with what someone else mentioned about it making a good movie (or even video game). :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

This would make a great movie. I was torn about Jake the entire time. The way you created his character had me on the fence. I just didnt know whether I liked him or not. You really did a great job of putting the traits that create your character's personalities in the dialogue and body language instead of spoon feeding them to us. That is what stands out about this the most. You left it very open ended. I feel as if I caught an episode of a series in the middle. Anyways, the mystery has intrigued me. This could make an excellent epilogue.

Posted 11 Years Ago


Posted 11 Years Ago

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