The morning sun and beach

The morning sun and beach

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

In the small apartment all you could hear was humming, a girl with long soft wavy pink hair stood in front of the large mirror. She stood there in front of the mirror brushing her wet hair. She put the and brush down as she picked up a pair of black hooped earrings. She put the large rings on the bottom hole, then put on another pair of small black pearls. Then in her right ear, she put one more earring, a red ring. She looked at her earrings and nodded. She was wearing tight black skinny jeans and a long plain white shirt with a bulky silver belt


She turned on her hair drier started drying her hair. Before she knew it, her pink hair was more puffy, and soft. She smiled as she messed with her hair in the mirror. She turned slowly and looked at her roommate, Kaien Azael. She smiled at him as he sat on the bed just looking as her with his hand under his head.


“How do I look?” She asked as she turned a quick turn and walked toward the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed as she looked at Kaien with her different colored eyes.


Kaien shook his head. His hair was oddly cut. His right eye was covered, with his long bangs in his blue hair. His hair was cut in the back, just able to tickle the top of his neck. “You look good, as always Miyuki.”


Miyuki shook her head,a small locket around her neck swaying with her. Kaien’s eyes went to her neck, the v-cut shirt made it seem like he was looking at the bit of cleavage. Still he was stuck on the locket. He had given that locket to Miyuki, it was his sisters, or was at one time.


“You always say that…” she puffed out her bottom lip and looked at him.


“Well you are always beautiful,” he shrugged as he got up from the bed and stretched. “I’m starving; let’s go get something to eat? After all it isn’t often we both have a day of,” he looked back at her as he started to put on his shoes.


“Alright,” Miyuki jumped up and looked through a bin at all the shoes she had, she had finally found a pair of wooden bottomed high heels. The top was brown leather.


She slipped them on, her foot fitting perfectly in side the shoe, and she looked down at her feet for a second and smiled to herself as she grabbed her long strapped black purse. She put the purse on her right shoulder as she ran up behind Kaien and looped her left arm in his right arm.


“Alright, let’s go,” Miyuki smiled as she started pulling Kaien to the door. Kaien opened the door as he and Miyuki walk out of the apartment and headed outside. The sun was high and hot this morning, Miyuki let out a soft sigh as she took in a breath of fresh air.


“I just love summer,” She looked up at Kaien a soft smile on her light pink lips. She was only a little over five feet while Kaien was almost six feet, though they didn’t let the almost foot different change them. She grabbed tightly to his arm. The rings on her fingers a simple silver ring on her right hand index finger, were the only rings she always wore, while the others were just for taste.


“You seem afraid of something, why grab onto me so tight?” he joked as he walked with his hands in his pants pockets.


“Not scared just happy, this is such a great day, after lunch can we go to the beach?” Miyuki asked as she let go of him, jumped in his way with her hands behind her back, her left hand holding her right wrist as she leaned forward and looked up at him with her right eye, a crystal blue and left eye scarlet.

Kaien pulled his right hand from his pocket and rubbed the back of his head. The ocean was not that far, they could see it from the small outside dinner they were going to for breakfast. Kaien had to look up at the pale blue sky to think, Miyuki was too cute to stare at, and she knew her smile and voice could get her almost anything if it was Kaien she was asking.


He looked back and she was still looking up at him, she took a step toward him and he had the grab her shoulders. “Alright, alright you win. We will spend the day at the beach.”


“Yea” Miyuki gave a small jump, her wooden shoes clicking against the white sidewalk; she turned on her right foot and re-looped her arm in his.


Kaien could not help but smirk; it was the first one of the day, but still. Miyuki always seemed to bring him to life when he felt gloomy. Even with all the things that have happened, Miyuki’s family dying, Kaien losing his sister. They still made each other laugh. Fate had an odd way of finding you in your time of need and Kaien could not see himself any happier.


He and Miyuki found themselves on a hill, walking up wooden steps until getting to a large roofed porch. They walked past the families and other couples who were sitting there looking out at the beach. Miyuki and Kaien found a nice circle table in the corner, it was the perfect seat. When the wind blew, they could smell the sweet flowers that surrounded the porch.


“Hello, I will be your waiter,” A girl with short brown hair handed them their menus and a glass of plain water. “Do you have a clue of what you would like to drink?” The girl asked in a very calming voice.


“Can I just have a glass out milk,” Miyuki asked as she tapped on the table.


“Café please” Kaien asked as he looked through the menu.


“Coming right up,” The waiter told as she headed inside to get the drinks.


Miyuki got pancakes and eggs. Kaien harsh browns and sausage. They ate quietly, enjoying the sounds of the wind ad the ocean. “Let’s go,” Miyuki, told as she grabbed up her empty milk glass to simply put it down again.


“Alright,” Kaien laid down the money, but before he could get out of his chair, Miyuki was running home. Kaien shook his head, seemed she could not wait to try on her new bathing suit. He walked slowly, by the time he got to his apartment she was already in her tie-dyed looking top and bikini; she sat there with a down around her neck.


“You took a long time,” She leaned back on the bed and moved her hands over the winkles. “Hurry the day isn’t going to wait” Miyuki’s child like voice called.


“Alright,” Kaien grabbed his swim trunks and went into the bathroom to change.


When he came back out, with a towel around his neck. Miyuki was read to go; she had on her flip-flops and thick designer sunglasses. He gave a quick smile before walking past her to grab his own black sandals.


“I’ll race you,” Miyuki teased as she messed with her hair.


“You will lose.” He looked down at her.


“I bet I won't.” She put her hands on her hips.


“Fine, you are on,” next thing Kaien knew she was running out of the apartment, her long pink hair flowing behind her. Kaien ran after her, but it was too hard to catch up. She was already far ahead, racing down the sidewalks, down the stairs toward the beach; it was odd how empty the sand was, on a beautiful day. He wandered where everyone was, it seemed no one was enjoying the sun of the day.


Kaien ran after Miyuki, kicking up sand and laughing after each other. Finally she had stopped, her eyes staring at the sky, where the ocean meets the sky, in such a blasé and peaceful way.


Kaien found himself standing a bit away as the sun shimmered off her skin and the wind blew her hair. Finally her seen her head  turn to look at him with her soft eyes closed and a small smile on her face.


He ran at her, and she opened her eyes with shock, He bent down, grabbed her up. He held her legs as he ran toward the water. “Let go, Kaien,” Miyuki yelled as she hit Kaien on the back. She could not help but let out a giggle as she started to see the water around her.


“You want to be put down?” Kaien laughed.


“No, oh no I will kill you,” Miyuki yelled. Then before she knew it, she was thrown into the water. She came up soaking wet. She took a heavy gasp of air as she looked at him. “Jerk,” She jumped at him.


He allowed himself to fall down into the water as she looked at him. “So I am a jerk now?” He shrugged off her words as he started to do a backstroke in the water.


“I just lost my two hundred dollar sunglasses and my flip-flops,” She pouted as she swam after him.


“Oh, I’m sorry…” He lied. He allowed his feet to hit the ocean floor as he looked down at her. The water made her skin shimmer, and her giggle was to die for. He could not help it, she was about to say something, but He gave her a quick kiss before she could get out a word. Her eyes widened and before she could think. He turned and ran out of the water and onto the beach.


“What was that” She splashed in the water as she ran after him. She managed to reach him, pushing against his back he fell into the sand, he turned before knocking him to the ground. She ended up losing her balance as well. She landed on him. She looked down at him, her hands on his chest. She blushed lightly as she kissed him before sitting up. “The sun is so pretty, how it changed the colors of the sky, like a moving picture…” She put her head on his chest.


“Yeah it is beautiful,” He looked at her, just laying there watching her, watching the sky.

© 2010 Ashley.M.E

Author's Note


I write like
Stephen King

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i liked this alot

Posted 11 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I really enjoy this story

Posted 11 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This brought out summer. I liked it! :)


Posted 11 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Ashley, I loved your story. It was very cute and entertaining. Nothing better than frolic and fun at the beach, as well as a few blusing kisses too!

Posted 11 Years Ago

beautiful job you really brought out the effect of summer in this peice fantastic job keep up the good wook

Posted 11 Years Ago

A very beautiful story. Summer, being young and the water. There is nothing better. I like the detail and the flow of the story. A very strong first chapter. Thank you.

Posted 11 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This was a very nice story. It was a mini vacation.
You captured the spirit of summer love..... with ease.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was really delightful... it shows that we can't let the little things ruin a moment of love. I saw a couple of spelling miscues but it didn't take away from the story.

Posted 11 Years Ago

A really sweet story with well built up characters, pretty good dialogue and a delightful finish. Maybe a little too much about her clothes, better to show her thoughts and feelings maybe.

I enjoyed this post and look forward to read more of your stories.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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