What I am thankful for

What I am thankful for

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

I quick thank you to all my friends on here.


I know that I wouldn’t be here. Without all of you. All of those who have talked to me, reviewed me, and have just been here to cheer me up when I felt like giving in. I cannot say that I will remember all of you, as the years pass on by. I cannot say that we will always talk, always read each other’s works, or meet in real life. Just wanted to thank you, for keeping me alive, because through all the lonely nights, I had at least one of you by my side.


People laugh when I talk, about the people I met on here. They roll there eyes, and laugh. Saying that none of it is real. That all the reviews, are lies of false hope and that nothing good will come out of it. I don’t care what those people think though. Be them my family, of strangers, or friends.


I cannot say that I have been as kind and generous as all the people I have met on here. I cannot say that I have done my part in being here either. I know that I, just a teenager girl trying to act like an adult and grow up to fast, don’t mean much to this large world.


Yes, I have done many things here, and other places. I have done stupid things in the past and I will regret. I just wanted to say thank you, to all my friends who have kept me alive. Thank you, to those who were my friends. Thank you for those who left me, because of the mistakes I made. Thank you to those who have lifted me up when I have fallen. Thank you to those who push me forward, and even those who give me challenges. Thank you for those who forgave my mistakes. Thank you all, for I think that those who have been here for me have made me who I am.


I refuse to cry over what I had been, because I have changed for a good reason. I love who I am, all I can do is try to be as good of a person as the people who I have met.


Thank you, Rach, Paige_Renea<3 and Mew Zombie.<3. For being my good friends in real life and listening to all of my problems.


Thank you Rory CJ Frankson for making me feel like I could change the world with my writing and that one day I could actually live my goal of being a published author.


Thank you Aaron Wolfie Maycroft for keeping me company and helping me figure out life when I had no where else to turn.


Thank you Angela (Angie) Diane, Ashley Rae Maycee, RETROvertigo, Orianna Schilling, desbest, ~BoUnCe~ CBD ~, Tate Morgan and Arctic Fox. You are all good people and I am happy to have all of you as my friends.


Thank you S. D. Blankenship for still being my friend after all the s**t that went down between us.


Thank you J.R Amora, I am sorry for all the things that have happened, but I am glad to have been your friend. Even if you are not my friend anymore and hate me for a life time.


Thank you, everyone. I am sorry to all who’s names are not in this, I am happy you are all my friends, but if I added everyone’s name, then it would be over flowing. I may add more people as time goes on.

© 2010 Ashley.M.E

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I'm thankful that you shared how you feel to the public. It's not very often that people share their true emotions for the public to hear about. Especially when it's positive about others. I have to rate you for that. I wish I could do that, and many others.

desbest aka tynamite 2010

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I'm thankful that you're my friend too! xD

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was nice Ash! Thanks for being there for me too! :) Hugs!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very nice!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Awe. I love you so of course I would help you. You became my friend and I love being there and helping. Besides you deserve to have people care for you. Anytime you need something just let me know. I'll always be there.

Posted 11 Years Ago

well, Ash, I suppose everyone has the right to want to achieve something, and if you believe hard enough, you might just make it. I agree with you wholeheartedly about people often just passing on generous words of inspiration to nudge you on. and there's nothing wrong with that at all.
some will flourish and some will, well, just write for WC

Posted 11 Years Ago

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