The true Stella Soli Luna

The true Stella Soli Luna

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

Stella has short hair, her eyes very in color, but is mostly a grayish blue. She is tiny, looking like an eleven-year-old girl. Her hair pale white going to her shoulders. Her skin almost as pale, with pink lips.

                Her eyes narrowed as she looked at her sister. Stella was a half vampire. Her twin sister not as human as her. She became a pure vampire, being the last born, and not even knowing she was on the way she killed her human mother, as most vampires do. That is how a full-blooded vampire is made from a child. The vampire has a child with a human. They kill the mother well she is in labor and two days later the baby will make its way through the mothers skin after eating at its stomach.

                Stella was birthed as a normal child, her father actually loving her mother, but having her killed her mother anyway. She is the only half vampire living.

                Her sister was giving the name Valerie looking exactly like Stella, except with long hair and deep red eyes, her lips a deep red.

                “Valerie!” Stella screamed as she ran at her sister holding a gun in her hand. Stella had lived for over fifty years. Unlike Valerie, she had feelings and she felt pain.

                Valerie had become the queen of the vampires against her own father’s tribe; this was due to Stella being the heir since she was first born.

                Valerie smiled a slight laugh as she turned and walked back into her palace. Kilson the prince, or now king ran toward her.

                Kilson had killed Stella’s boyfriend her guardian the one who was with her when she found out she wasn’t a true human. Kilson held a sword out to her she was unarmed and alone. The wind blew around her, pushing the cloak she was wearing of her head. Her skin glared through the coming night.

                Valerie couldn’t live in the sun, like their father and every other vampire in the group, well Kilson and all the vampires in his bloodline could. She watched as he ran at her. She didn’t move.

                Her head went low as she put her hands in fists a tear running down her cheek. As the sun disappeared and she could her Kilson’s voice screaming as he ran across the long brick path, the only way to the castle from the moat.

                “Now!” Stella screamed as her people jumped out of the shadows. One of them through her a sword. She lifted her hand and caught it, her head still low.

                Stella was special, in the day she was pure human, but at night… Stella’s hair threw rapidly going to her feet, her eyes grew red, and her nails and fangs grew long. When her head lifted she found herself sprinting with vampire speed past Kilson her men and woman surrounding him. “Foolish,” She snickered. Knowing he was alone, his men attacking the villagers.

                She ran through the doors heading up the stairs right at the entrance toward the balcony where she had seen her sister moments ago. She screamed “Valerie!” as she seen her sister running toward the weapon room.

                As she headed into the room, she seen her sister’s back toward. She ran at her jumping into the air ready to swing her sword. Valerie turned a gun in her hand. You heard a shot go off and a slash of a sword. Two sisters no difference in appearance fighting against each other. One walked onto the balcony, blood splattered.

© 2011 Ashley.M.E

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Added on January 13, 2011
Last Updated on February 27, 2011




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