Why do you still talk to her?

Why do you still talk to her?

A Chapter by Ashley.M.E

this is a bit exaggerated... there was only one other guy... no millions that I know of.


I sit here on the sidelines, as if I am waiting for a dance. My eyes scan the floor, and all I see is men. They all have a smile, their faces all the same. Their eyes only see one girl, though I am too afraid to say her name.


She smiles, and laughs, playing the cheating game, by circling between the men, they do not see each other, but I do. She thinks she can take their hearts, her hair setting them a flame. She thinks she can cause them pain; well I just stand from a far.


I did not care that she played with all of their hearts, what gets me now, is what sets you apart. You do not see her with those eyes, like the other men, yet you love her just the same. You let her heal your pain, yet the whole time she caused more.


More, and more, you sunk into a hole, how do I look at you, how do I tell you. You were the only one I knew, the only one who I cared about. All those other men were the same, but you stood out. Yet she loved you, because you were there.


I sat there, acting as if I could not see. Wanted to get up and tell you, but you would not hear. Even now after the veil had fallen, showing one of the few she has in her hands and heart. For you stay anyway.


What do I have to do? What do I have to say? To get you to really believe she is a liar, a cheater. You love her so much, and her words seem to show she cared, but if you could see that, she is still using you. Still with him, though she may hide it. She did not give it up.


I know you are not telling me, still caring for me like a friend. Even after I was the one who dropped the veil on the one she was with, what do I have to say? Damn it listen to me…


I know you hate me I can feel it. I saw what you said to her, saying that you do not believe me. Why would I lie…? I would never lie. Why would I want to tear out your heart…? Please, I know I have no right. Leave her… your heart will thank you one day. I know I have no right, I cannot say it to your face forget her. She is nothing… just one girl in a world full… She already has half the world’s men on her side… why let her have you to.


Why let yourself be the fool… all I can do is sit here as you act as if I do not care. You tell me one thing, and then tell her another… What do I have to do to get you not to lie… to forget her, to allow yourself to forget the red headed girl who’s eyes show lust, and nothing more. She says she loves you, but she just wants another, someone on the side if her relationship with one goes sour…


Do you like to be played? I hope not… I cannot just sit on the side lines anymore… no more lies… my heart cannot take them… no matter what she says… I have never lied, I have never tricked you, and all I have been is a friend… I know she has lied so much… you have to decide… who do you truly believe… I hate to say this… but I know it will never be me… I am sorry.

© 2011 Ashley.M.E

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I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

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Added on February 22, 2011
Last Updated on March 1, 2011




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