Fighting to Control Myself

Fighting to Control Myself

A Poem by Chris Dominguez

Have you ever been so depressed to the point where you feel crazy? Well that was me at this point.

Head disposing drops of sweaty tears 
Darkness surrounding me 
The voices come back 

-You know you want to- 
No don't say that 
-Everyone thinks you're worthless- 
That is not true! 

 A pause 

Maybe it is true 
my head starts pounding 
I cannot take it anymore 

Searching frantically 
There it is 
After all this time 
We meet again 
You are cold 
A long lost friend 

Just one more time 
My pain flowing down and away 
Like a crimson river 
Everything goes numb 
I'm in a place 
A place where I feel I belong. 

© 2013 Chris Dominguez

Author's Note

Chris Dominguez
Hope you guys enjoy

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Yeah, those moments are soooooo painful and to em so annoying. Cause when I'm sad let me tell you someting I go from some free hot air balloon, not even some helium balloon that someone untied, flying everywhere to some bag a*s boulder Sisyphus has to push up the hill. And when anyone feels like that, self harm is an options which is sad and it sucks D: cause it's not fun, then people see and whisper and judge and then things get worse and so begins the cycle :( Good poem :3 it was sad :l but still nice.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Your imagery is amazing and I think you really grab at us with the voices because we all have them, but I think there are only really two, one quiet and one loud. Of course we usually only hear the loud, but I have found the quiet voice to be quite, orgasmic...

Posted 6 Years Ago

This sort of gave me the chills. Haha, but in a good way. This defintely discribes self harm addiction spot on. Great job :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Chris Dominguez

6 Years Ago

Thanks I really just wanted to portray what I went through because I know a lot of other people feel.. read more
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this feels like the voices in the head comes out loud speaking to thy self... i guess everyone goes through with it in times of deep sadness.... that the voices somehow settles the strong emotions.... i think you expressed it in abstract way, making it vivid and strong... great work...

Posted 6 Years Ago

Chris Dominguez

6 Years Ago

Thanks I'm glad you saw what I did there.

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Added on April 9, 2013
Last Updated on April 9, 2013
Tags: cutting, urges, emotions, depression, need, want, horrid


Chris Dominguez
Chris Dominguez

Morton Grove, IL

My name is Chris i like writing short narratives and poems in my free time. more..

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