A Story by Marianne

A mysterious thing happened on the way to life, a journey across shards of broken glass edged in the hues of blue, yellow and purple stains, bleeding underfoot.

Excruciating pain immersed in spasms of crimson colored sin, washed pure in the well of tears, heavy with grief, carried on a chain bound to the moon splintering the maze of darkness into sighs and moans of regret and repentance,
black ink dripping relentlessly on pale white rice paper folded into the shape of a dove. The pages turned in the hazy breeze of time eternal, then suddenly stopped in front of a great, golden light glowing in the centre of my soul,
where it whispered my name wrapped in the silence of sound, beating with the speed of butterfly wings soaring high above the valley of dry bones, aquamarine skies caressing my spirit with a love unknown to mankind.

I knelt beside a river bubbling with joy, drank deeply from the well of compassion, kindness and grace mirrored in my heart, the image of love restoring my life, cloaking it in radiant garments of laughter and joy.

He carried me to the ends of the earth with songs of victory and hope, celebrating a new beginning in Paradise, my new home.

© 2012 Marianne

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I absolutely LOVE this opening: "A mysterious thing happened on the way to life . . . " -- very imaginative & thought-provoking. I also very much love your stream of consciousness descriptions that are rich with unexpected combinations . . . however, I barely understand what this is about becuz I'm not good with nuances & metaphor. This feels like a piece of fabric where there are words instead of designs, all colorful & scattered around & some blending together, just pretty to look at, even if I'm not getting hit on the head with some deeper meanings! *smile* (((HUGS)))

Posted 4 Years Ago

Your use of language in this piece is lovely; you really capture the internal journey from pain to joy, and I love most of all how it ends with hope... There should always be hope :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on December 3, 2012
Last Updated on December 3, 2012
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