A Story by Carmen Williams

writing club met again. Prompt: the first snow

Snow fell slowly but steadily as Laura walked down the street.  The school bus had been warm and stuffy, so she welcomed the cool breeze that played with her short, black hair and tickled her dark skin.  It was the first snow of this fall, and it had left I white blanket covering the lawns of her neighbors.  It looked soft and fluffy, even to those who knew it was cold and wet.  Laura adjusted her backpack and pulled her coat tighter around her. 
Her boots left prints in the snow, interrupting the tranquil scene that otherwise would've been fit for a painting.  She felt a little guilty for ruining it, but ignored it, thinking herself ridiculous.  She looked around the quiet street, a suspicious gleam in her eyes.  Nothing was out of the ordinary though, it was just like all the other days she'd walked home from the bus stop. 
She stopped, spun around and called, "Alright, come on out."  She was greeted with silence, with only empty windows staring back at her.  She was all al- "I can hear you!" she called out, glaring around her.  
Her gaze froze when it landed on an innocent, completely unsuspicious pine tree that was glazed with snow.  It was completely normal, and there was absolutely no reason for her to be talking to it.  "Haha, very funny.  Either you come out now or I come get you!" Laura called to the tree, which was definitely only moving because of the wind.  
"Five," she called, staring at the normal, happy little tree.  She rolled her eyes, "four."  Nothing.  No response, she was all by- "What are you talking about, I can clearly hear you back there.  Three-"  
"Okay, okay fine," I said, stepping out from behind my tree, "happy now?"  "I knew it!" she said, "and stop describing what I'm doing, it's weird."  "Look," I said, "enough breaking the fourth wall, can we just get this over with?  I'm not exactly happy about it either."  "Get on with what? Who even are you? Why were you stalking me?" she snapped.  "I was not stalking you!" I said, slightly offended, "and it's not like I want to be doing this. If it were up to me I wouldn't even be in the story, let alone be the narrator."  
"Wait, what?" she asked.  "Main character," I said, pointing at her.  "Narrator," I said, pointing at myself, "Now can we get this over with?"  Laura laughed, "you're kidding, right?"  No answer.  "No, no no I'm not the main character! What would I even do, I just have a normal, boring life?!" she said, slightly panicked.  I rolled my eyes, then pointed to a splotch of red in the snow.  
Laura's eyes practically popped out of her head, "Is that blood?!"  "Yep," I said, grabbing her wrist and dragging her over, "now can we just do this already?  Before it gets too late?"

© 2019 Carmen Williams

Author's Note

Carmen Williams
gotta love breaking the fourth wall

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Added on November 20, 2019
Last Updated on November 23, 2019


Carmen Williams
Carmen Williams


Hi! I'm Carmen. So I started writing on this website about two years ago, and I've never been too involved here. Writing is one of my creative outlets. I'd greatly appreciate if you read and commen.. more..