Like a drug

Like a drug

A Poem by Nix is typing...

Not my best... I think it needs some editing :/

You cross my mind
every single day
But you ignore the hell outta me
Would you please
Come out to play?

I think about you constantly
Images of us 
Flood my head
You're so unattainable 
But I can't stop thinking about you
Every single day
I felt the "high" when I was with you
But you made me cry 
That's the truth

When I'm running on the treadmill
Or when I'm driving on the road
Of course
You'll pop in my head
Oh, dear god, no.
You're never there when I wanna talk
I just wanna talk
Is that so hard?
I guess so
Sorry, I didn't mean to bombard.

Your brown eyes line my brain
Your brown hair 
While simple and plain
doesn't want to leave my mind
Anything else I try to do, 
I can't leave your image behind

I swear I fell for you 
The day we started to talk
I guess my heart
Is just gonna need some caulk
I try to get through to you
It just doesn't work
It's like you're so aloof
and it drives me berserk

Do I have to let you go so soon?
I keep trying to figure out ways to get more of you
I thought we were just getting to know each other
Oh, but I can't have you all the time
You're no good for my health
Hold on, I need to be by myself

We should know each other better
Oh, you have to go?
I guess it's only fair
I know I'm impossible to be with
I know I'm high maintenance
You don't even need a reason

Go ahead and leave
I don't care
Where'd you go?
You burst into thin air
I shoot up from my pillow
Oh, I guess that was a dream
As I put my hair up in a bun, I wonder: 
What did it mean?

Do you know
How much it hurts
when I say "I love you" 
but you don't say it back?
Your love is like a drug to me
Your love is like crack
Something I NEED
Something I crave
It's why I think about you
All damn day

I wish you weren't so addictive
I wish you weren't such a drug
You slow my brain functions 
It's like
I needa stop going to my plug!
I'm so angry at myself
Because of how much I love you
But I can't let you go
It just... pains me so bad
But how can I be hurt over something
That I never really had?

© 2021 Nix is typing...

Author's Note

Nix is typing...
This was intended to be random at first... then someone (I'm not gonna say who) texted me, and it like, completely broke me, so half-way through the poem, I actually started to put my heart and thoughts into it. I'd like to know y'all's thoughts. Sorry, Barleygirl, I know how you're gonna feel about this.

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I love the way this is written, great job again!!
I'm really liking your writing. I completely understand that feeling. It has plagued me more than once *eye roll*
LOL :)

Posted 1 Week Ago

Nix is typing...

6 Days Ago

Lol, I'm glad you could relate!! Thank you for your review!!!

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Added on January 14, 2021
Last Updated on January 16, 2021


Nix is typing...
Nix is typing...

Athens, GA

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